I am From


I am from sunscreen,

From shorts and running shoes.

I am from those sunny days.

(Windy, hot, sweaty days, my throat like a raisin.)

I am from the track at school, the green turf

Whose soft grass I longed to lie on

As if it was my bed.


I am from the yellow water tank and cold ice,

From Friday lollipops and track meets.

I’m from the new bees and the experienced,

From sore legs and shin splints.

I’m from long runs on hot sunny days

And cold wet ones too.


I’m from girls track and girls shot-put,

Running shoes and 4k’s.

From speed work out Mondays to the short runs on Fridays

The sweaty weight room days.

Under my name was a check mark

1600m. and 800m.

A hot windy day my throat dried

To the tank I ran, my mouth longed for water.


I am from those moments

I walked before I ran

A distance runner from the girls sahs track team.


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