What is there to do?

What is there to do?

When the big kids beat up the little ones.

When the little ones were afraid to speak up

to defend themselves or their peers.

No one would say a word

because they knew they would be next victim.

What can we do?


What is there to do?

When children would run home in tears.

Run in their rooms living in fear, hiding from the shame,

shutting the outside world escaping from reality.

What can you do?


What is there to do?

How can anyone escape its grasp?

Running home will not stop the pain.

When the damage has been done.

When the bullying doesn't stop.

Trouble is everywhere, around every corner,

every schoolyard, every work place,

on every computer, on your social network.


It doesn't end in the playground, no.

It doesn't end in your work place, not at all.

It starts out there and follows you here.

Here at home, a place where you should be safe from harm.

But no where is safe when people can bully you from afar.

Sending messages, leaving comments, or tweeting the day.

Instagram your most embassing moments, you know,

the one that you hoped people wouldn't remember the next day.

It doesn't even end when you shut down your computer, if only it was that simple.

Online forever to remember, once online there is no turning back.


Not only your friends and family will know but everyone will know.

Even complete stranger living half way around the globe.

What can you do? You could be the one;

the one whose voice the unspoken when they are afraid to speak;

the one who got their back when everyone walked away;

the one who will run for help when they run away;

the one who will listen when no one hears a thing;

the friend they needed when they felt all alone.

Don't ignore, stand up and help.

What will you do?


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