father’s spirit vanished when i was but a child

but long before my knees ached

and ran Red with swollen gashes

before i washed for hours

and before clean was never clean enough

but i grew tired and weak

Fire claimed my soul

the spirits had forsaken me


my skins long ago fell victim to decay

they lay worn and tattered

while the Cinders Scorched my face

Burns dance about my skin

playing catch with my hair

while Red Coals tore at my skin

as i sat at Fire’s side

my lungs Stung with Smoke

yet i sat for eons a slave to three

three whose cold eyes made for cold skin


bound captive stuck keeping teepee

while the three ran free

for clan chiefs they sang eagerly

with cracked pipes

yet i played with Flaming Hot Cinders

forced to clean for countless moons

sweep the floor free of debris

paint the buffalo skins

fold them

store the fur

Light the cauldron with Cinders

Brew the fox stew

and prepare the Fire-water for the three

and their chiefs


the Sun god came to me one moon

he bore the gift of bondage

for half a moon he offered me freedom

at my feet he placed glass shoes

and clothed my soul in Red skins

he promised me windfall

but to luck i had no place

my heart I bore no promise

i gave up on my charming chief long ago


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