No Strings Attached

That first morning waking up with a feeling of dread in my belly
Or was that just the nausea or a little bit of both
Kneeling over the toilet with tears in my eyes
Thinking of the game I played; this is my prize

As time goes by my personality changes
My moods have a variety of ranges
In denial thinking this couldn't be
How could this happen to little old me

Two minutes go by
I have peed on a stick
The thought of it being positive makes me sick
When I take a look I fall on my knees
There is something growing inside of me

Who do I tell
What do I do
Me and your daddy do not want you
It was supposed to be fun, no strings attached
A one night stand where a part of him latched
On to me forever

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Imani Sophia

Woah, it sounds frightning but true. An important piece for a young girl's ears

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