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He hits and screams, It's never his fault, They never see much proof that he caused any harm, When a new bottle of whiskey is brought into sight, You start to shake inside,
You make a library sound like a city, You're right at home in the deafening silence I drive through the night, looking for you swiftly You're a ivory tower in darkness, beautiful and reliant  
Tongue trips my words. Brain reconsiders the words after they fall. Sound pulls them back to the depths, and they are not heard. The words I wanted to speak worked hard to get to the tip of my tongue.
The deafening roar of silence   when silence leaves me deaf I shall cover up with music Music is my escape Its the place i feel safe
Silence is deafening The sound of empty souls The quiet darkness cutting undesirable thoughts The sound of a lullaby full of fraught   Silence in the darkness The sound of empty words
You are right And I’m wrong Like a bad song I keep my lips tight And my face as long As I can all year long.
El eterno silencio Es la muerte A menudo decimos bajo este cielo Donde los enemigos están en todas partes Incluso entre matones y tontos
L'eterno silenzio È la morte Diciamo spesso sotto questo cielo Dove i nemici sono ovunque Anche tra teppisti e sciocchi
Le silence éternel C’est la mort On dit souvent sous ce ciel
Hands on, hands off. Hold your breath until darkness closes over and your heart gives out.    Resist temptation for the ones around you, so you breathe again. Every day is like yesterday.
I wish to go to the valley of white stones overturn a few with the tip of my shoe browse the sandy shores bordered by sandy sea Endless light bent over expansive quiet This land of sand and stone, of silent reverie
it is time again to be grappling at being free again I must be coming down the path in which I wear the crown for with it comes, the waves of pain they've come to haunt me once again
she left me in a meadow and as i could not stand the silence i ran past the ancient groves the secret place of lovers past but as i was not welcome there i ran more quickly past
When I was little I ensured everyone I had the loudest scream One that would shake the world I could feel it brewing up inside me Begging for an escape But I wouldn't 
Don't forget the real world, the places you met yourself, where those fragile moments of peace welcomed you with open arms  to share the silence.  
My heart speaks a language  no one understands. It's dying to speak. But it's already dead.
Disrespect at an all time high, I hate myself for loving you the way I do.  Periodically ghosted and ignored as if I don't matter to you.  Your word means nothing, empty promises the norm.
how tragic it is that our soceity places so little value in those who have so much to say
My feet are accustomed to silence. My soul longs for the same.
I don't want your love songs I don't want your melody tastes Everything was a lie and now there's no music Only silence and emptiness I confessed to you one morning Long after the sun had gone down
You are the wind which batters the trees hitting harder and harder while I fall with ease   You are the thunder which shatters the silence screaming louder and louder destroyed my defense
You are the wind which batters the trees hitting harder and harder while I fall with ease   You are the thunder which shatters the silence screaming louder and louder destroyed my defense
Ch'an music II Drink in a whilethe image ofan unfilled teacup. Enter that spaceflawless, open,enclosed by porcelain walls.
You were silent And I was arrogant, Screaming for the attention I neither needed nor deserved.   Your notebooks were filled 
The Snowy Hollow  Trees reach up Like long slender hands Over the stillness. All is hushed There is no need for Words.
Behind closed doors she hides herself and what she has become,  the cuts, the bruises,  the angry words said - that should never be undone. But luckily she lives and so forgives "Him" 
Everybody wants to talk to me Everybody wants to know about the secrets that i bottle The thoughts I keep to myself Still nobody is ready to know the truth
Close all the doors to the outside  Never let anyone in Trap all the pain inside  Hold it there, take it to my grave.  
Sometimes I find the time to go too fast, And the sounds of the world to be too loud, But when I think back to times past, There must have been a moment where there was no sound.    Less than a second, 
Words Words Words Words They never get through, we've try to speak our pain but it doesn't matter to you Words  Words 
Surrounded by natural beauty, God’s greatest creation… In the absence of urban ruckus and cacophony… Crickets lull us to sleep, whippoorwills herald the dawn
Forgiven not forgotten hard work for what I’ve gotten knocked down kept on knockin’ fell down kept on walkin’ Shut down  kept on talkin’ don’t give up
Funny things are only funny when we have time to laugh, To sing on about jolly nonsense until reality gives us a bath. The tough thing about the rules of funny is that it must begin in pain.
The snow gives wind a body As it drifts above the earth. For a moment, soaring free Before descending to its hearth.   How strange to notice the air Become a corpse void of breath,
“It’s not rape if you like it” a sentence created from arrogance ”it’s not rape if you like it” a sentence formed by the uneducated  “it’s not rape if you like it” do you mean arousal non-concordance
They sit by the window watching the snowflakes land on the large pile which was once luscious, green grass.
That heavy cigarette scent, intertwined with his cologne, lingered in the little space between us.
When I was a kid My opinion meant very little to others I was told that silence is better than to be heard This became a problem for me Because society constantly made me out to be the enemy
There was once a time I could look at your face, let myself stand there, when I knew what you did I was silent then, And then I wasn't, not anymore And when I opened my mouth you asked me,
Silence is my enemy A true and worthy foe. It reminds me of my pain, And throws away my hope. It enlists its deadly ally,
Silence is the real menace Cause it will weaponize our fear And one day turn back around To when my friends were all here   Billy went to fight in the war And didn’t return the same
When I sit in silence, I close my eyes. What's that noise from afar? I need to change the oil in my car. Wait. Pause. Breathe. Breathe…….
A tight emptiness in my throat A quick consideration of options but endlessly told to say nothing Youth does not hide the terror in trying or the knife swallowed as i do nothing
You can't find the words to say Over and over again You scribble on a blank page Begging the words to come   But they never do   The ink in your pen goes dry You sit in an ocean of paper
If silence could kill... The feeling of emptiness... The pain of reverence... That never-ending wait... That unfelt bait... I could live with an unspoken lie...
Great writers Sit in silence When they work, And I Am anything but.   Silence is madness. He is the killer
I become absent minded of the speed  Creeping on the clouds  They pour on my dome, only to dilate  Central station taught me not to cooperate with plain oceans  Highway tolls speak otherwise 
Silence…   It could mean one million different things, or just one   Shoveling your driveway during a chilly winter storm,
The silence grips my heart Hangs over me like a dark group of clouds just waiting to rain Don’t speak. Don’t speak. I tell myself
"Have you ever wanted something so bad,  that you find yourself mesmerize when she passes beside you,
Be one who sits and smiles, Who nods to give consent While others loudly crow And boastfully invent - You've learned a golden truth Which silence can convey: "With grace mete out your words,
I am not lonely when I’m alone For my music soothes my soul I soak in the silence Until it overflows In every pore of my being  
She let's down her hair and sighs. Her head hung down. Her heart sunk low as a single tear ran down her face. She couldn't help but wonder When would this nightmare end? When could she truly smile again? Only god could answer her.
The silence in this house just heavy breathing coming from the ones who are asleep. I think over and over the things I’ve done and the things I plan to achieve. The hurt I caused and the hurt I received. Understanding why life is the way it is.
Why can I never find words on my tongue? They lay curled up in my palms instead, leaking into the ink of pens or clutched in fists like painkillers or sleeping pills.   The voice in my head constructed
   Silent screams are the worst.    These are the lessons we learn; sitting quietly is the most brutal form of torture. Violence comes from the silence of our minds.    Here is what we see;
They say a closed mouth doesn’t get fed As I write these words my stomach feels full Death is never an easy experience It comes and goes as it pleases I think back to the many nights
When I was young I could not hear I would stand there and wail screech like a banshee Ahhhhhh,for food Ahhhhhh,for drink
All of a sudden that pencil started screaming at you.   Why aren't you drawing? Why aren't you writing? Why aren't you creating Something to lessen the babble of the world?  
Every time now I come home Her inviting eyes on me from the window. Vibrations rise from her tiny throat, calling for my attention, making me feel whole.   She is my greatest friend, who would never
I want to Rest in that Silent Space Where nothing exists but everything Is; To be forever in that Loving State Which accepts all and nurtures all.
Tears set in blood on a child's face, A child betrayed by older men, Dissolve with a blush of embarrassed shame, As five long years of silence begin.   Confused hands tremble in a disoriented state,
I will wait for you here much like a stone Asleep, but awake when I hear your tone It is hard to believe I could love this hard For the rest of my life you will have my heart  
Music playing. Video playing. People talking. People shouting. Birds chirping. Rain falling. Wind blowing. Microwave beeping. Teacher fussing. Kids laughing. Cats meowing.
I'm paralyzed.Stuck in these feelingsstuck in my head.It's too late for treatment,I'm already dead.I'v
In the chthonian cacophony of this Fast-paced world, that never stops, never halts Always turns, always runs, Coffee drinking, Not really thinking
I'm stuck,I don't know which path to take,They tell me it's all wrong,But it seems perfectly okay.
To the little boy in a grown man's body:   no stop i don't want you there your hands in my hair they're cold and unwelcome my soul has a tear caress my cheek with ice on your thumb
silence is golden, says everyone yet they never are. silence is a space of quiet,  air that is not full. silence is a person,  who is honored yet never speaks. silence is a powerful wind
Silence is not a sin It can be very difficult to hold within Lived by nature, what a beautiful bliss Noise occur then we wonder what we miss Sounds may be obnoxious 
i sat through the rain.  and everytime i saw shelter i ran. how could i live without the rain? how could i live without the silence being broken? rain isn't quiet, i promise. it has a voice, 
Life with No words  did you actually think it didn't hurt  you bottle up everything that you want to blurt People flounce pass you not noticing but you, you are not focusing  so kind hearted, so naive 
They stare ahead with blank eyes Like robots, or something more civilized Not a finger twitches Not an eye blinks They stare ahead with blank eyes
To my 18-year-old self, I know you are scared Because it took you forever To admit to yourself That you might be gay.   I know you’re confused Because you’ve liked boys before, too
I cry in the middle of the night when you're sleepMy face wet with lonely, misunderstood, broken tearsAlthough you don't get the one you fell in love withyou don't get me deep insideI do express myself thoroughly you just don't understand my expre
Invisibility comes with secrets Kept hidden away from publicity They cannot be exposed, because of bets That friends will see it with simplicity
There is a time at night When the world has gone quiet Not a single sound is made And you are overwhelmed by it  
"Help me!" The leaves cried.  But I heard just a whisper,  as darkness hit ground. 
You gave me a starry night and an empty journal And said write down your beautiful thoughts. Shoot them across the universe. Plaster your words onto someone’s heart, It will adhere to another’s.   
Screaming Silence. Filled with every word not spoken Every Emotion never touched How do you console a broken heart? Or a broken soul? What magic can you say To take that pain away?
It has almost been six years since we last talked. Time sure does fly, I still remember the day mine and your life changed forever As if it happened yesterday You lost your ability to move.
Silence-like fame- is transitory, Idolized yet disregarded, It's embrace: quite riveting, Yet it's significance: discarded
for once the silence is ours. ours to laugh at ours to keep  ours to cry to in our sleep  ours to love  and ours to hate  whether we be, a sinner or saint. ours to find comfort 
Silence is both a friend and an enemy.  It sings out when you are alone, laying over you like a blanket. Its presence is either comforting or smothering, yet somehow both.  It is the empty gap after a risky action.
The thing that I admired, That was my role model, it cradled my cold body, it tucked me in at night It still takes care of me sometimes and makes me forget that-   This Feeling Is Such A Pain.
Sitting can do no justice to your beautiful voice (even though it is not really so) I think people skew things to how they want to hear them so when we talk I love the exchange of words to each other
I feel like your choking me when i am around you, but i breath, because i love you.   I tried to fight my feelings,  but victory was impossible, because i love you.  
You come home and slowly close the door, The smile you had on slowly fades away, You stand there for a while, Unable to move, Unable to breathe, Suddenly you fall back, The door supports you,
Smaller and smaller they became The words on the pages lost to an abyss Each day weaker and weaker And the words vanish   But the colors stay The colors and the sound The sound and the colors
Why is it when I want to shout and scream  and howl and roar until my lungs and throat burn as if I had just breathed out fire that only a mighty dragon could breathe nobody hears me  
Several thoughts circle around my mind sometimes, yes, I'd be lying if I said I was fine. These thoughts know my mind more than I know myself, they have made a home between my nerves. A peaceful place inside the chaos.
Once upon a time, a man fell in love With a stunning woman under the sea; They seemed to fit, so when push came to shove He asked her to be his queen, with much glee.  
Sleepless for the reason of no more dreams.   For the reason of not having anything to think about. For the reason of only having nightmares and why things won't happen anymore. Happiness is sold to the past.
The sobbing mother cringes as her baby cries. She wishes they had warned her just how loud a deaf child’s screams could be.
the fear came in scraps the size of candy wrappers and the bits of water balloon you leave on the ground; it came during an air raid, when the shelter of imagination was no longer
how do you write about silence? how do you write about sadness? was the silence broken by crying? was the sadness broken: did it vanish? how do you write about defiance? how do you write about fear?
Loving God,  teach me to be silent,so that I can stay close to youand listen as you speakwithin my heart and through what I see, hear and what men Speak. 
Peace my child, peace within. I skipped a rock the ripples spin. I seek the truth I threw the stone, but still I ponder Where did it go? Peace within.  Look at the lake
Grim are the days when Grass does not whisper And silent run streams But no one listens To know the difference
Silence Among Others By: Tom   I rarely speak too loudly For I am as quiet as the breeze I move among the forest Speaking only through the trees   The leaves help tell my story
Rise and sing to me my demons. Scream out the songs of anguish that long to be somewhere other than within my head. Bash yours the truest minds against the sepulchers that entomb you and rise.
Do you know how much the silent treatment hurts? When you put yourself within arms reach, but you're still out of reach. Everyday, I see you, hear you, but you don't seem to see or hear me.
The silence surrounds, Tick tock, Tick tock, I hear the delicate hands move, Much like my own, They drift in movement, My breathing grows light, I listen for silence, A floorboard creaks,
January, February were the months of good packing snow, packing snow on my crippled carcass in cumbersome coats. I lay there and let your bitter cover me.
If I could go back and do it all again who would I be? Would I still be me?   Would I have stood up for that kid, or would I have just hid?   He needed me
I miss the cloudy days When the sky was nice and grey, A sad smile upon my face. What happened to the rain?   The sky has been to bright, With the warm sunshine Glowing upon the smiling faces
What's wrong? Nothing  Everything How are you? Good, thank you. I'm numb, you? What ya doin? Writing
 you are stronger than you think;  strong enough to come back from the brink strong enough to write what i can't say; strong enough to save someone else's day you'll always be strong enough
Before even the Predawn light, The night wrapped Around the stars And blanketed The trees with Dark, feathery Blackness; There was no Sound, and Yet the silence
I shattered silently, And nobody noticed. Not that I want anyone to notice, So why am I writing it out? Perhaps it is to escape, And have the pieces elsewhere. Perhapse it is so I can see each piece,
With every unsaid wordbetween us,a new brick is addedto our wall of silence. This silence begannaturally as wegrewboth up and apart.
I should be sleeping But I miss my bed And someone holding my hand Wiping away the tears as I try to fall asleep But instead I'm alone Lying awake in a home that's not mine
Music is the poetry to my heart. The melody and the beat are what resonate within me. When I write my own poetry
Why must I speak? Whenever I do, conflict ensues. Words are spat into each other's faces, False accusations in all places, As I helplessly watch. I apologize yet again,
Seas of people crying for help through hushed screams  In our everyday lives, we pass them by Letting their voices drown under ocean waves Eliminating their last flicker of hope with our
 If I could pause lifeJust for a simple momentHappiness--I'd have.
The notion that one becomes a poet through others to me is strange I grew from artists composer those with words unnoticed sometimes you forget the roots of poetry being music 
The person who always looks happy Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always care about others Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always works hard
I wonder-have you come to understandwhy the world is silent at nightand what it means to be listeningto the darkness of the sky,to be hoping a star might whisper to youthe secret 
Listen to her, as she plays that melody that I once knew.  That song that I thought was my saving grace, twisted now to a devils song. I want it to end, yet how could it stop, when for so long 
Laying on of hands You pretend it’s poetry But I still can’t breathe
“Shhh” standing quietly, smiling away, the teachers lead us through the jungle of school. Sit down, take out your pencil and learn.
They see soft eyes above a soft smile.   They see a quiet thin body holding a quiet thin person.   They see innocence And they see obedience.   Some see a smile, While some see a frown.
It echoes through my mind and feels glossy, shimmering as if it were a woodland fairy; with wings beating up and down in a  steady rhythm, a slow staccato but
Midnight sparks the most marvelous sounds Music emits through the underground Insomnia wrecks me like lightning at sea The singing it bends me like wind breaking trees.
With our telescope we stole looks at the stars, sliding on pine needles stabbing softly into our backs but it was the night that stole us.  
A bird with no song is one that cannot truly fly He may soar far above the others on strong, sturdy wings but his throat is raw with unspoken dreams that weigh him down.
That blinding darkness I often find in this mind of mine That screaming silence I dare not break. What comes from this place, this state of mind Is pure
Silence. Not a crash, not a breeze, Not even the sound of a seagull or the shaking of a coconut tree, Just a barrier of silence for miles and miles surrounding me. Peace. I can finally hear myself think.
How do we know? Do we truly need something?             Or simply want it?   I want to stay close to my family             But I could live on without them
“There is but one place where humanity coalesces with the purest concentration of earth.    This is in a dimension where blank noise is alive,
Think before you speak, We've all heard it before. The wonderful advice we often ignore. Unaware that words are as sharp as swords, Cutting into our flesh, the demons we bore. I stand at their mercy,
I’ve got enough thoughts to fill books, songs, poems about confusion, sadness, rage But if I tried to write them down,
The silent air tonight says more Than anything I've said before. It’s filled with the words I cannot speak. Are you too deaf? Is my voice too weak?
what happens when you have no more words to say?  nothing you can say?  you desperately grapple for something, anything: weather/food/school/life    so much pointless chatter   filling up the empty space 
My own silence most terrifies me While freedom is my savior We must close our eyes Rise above the noise And speak louder than blockades I need my voice to say no I need my voice in highs and lows
Stranded on an island all alone, No company or friends to call my own Just sitting in the quiet Trying just to fight it But madness comes and goes In silence. I need some noise, a song, a sound.
I hate the silence it is one of the scariest times because it causes me to be vulnerable A kind of vulnerable when I have no choice but to be real with myself
knowing when to stand down being aware of when to shut up allowing ideas to form without speaking them all will pay off in the end
Dreams laugh and smile until I'm blue From lack of sleep and touch They sing and ask me to stay true- As if I wasn't such! But true to dreams and true to me Are two different paths indeed 
Silence. It’s the thing you can never escape. It’s the thing that will last forever. When the computers stop humming, When the clocks stop ticking, When the cars stop beeping,
Most might say joy, love, hope, and sleep, However, I prefer the beauty of silence, With its daunting tones, And comfort it brings when I weep, The dramatic scene fostered by the cut of sirens.
All i need is silence. My thoughts, my dreams, my ideals. Although loud to me, creates an existential bubble needed to be.. You. The rest of the world has a certain appeal,
Silence dont look to me for an answer ill give you silence dont look to me for a solution ill give you silence look to me for a hand and i will give you mine silence holding back
I wished to know you but choked on conversations that were never there 
we plan for futures that aren’t even guaranteed. each day, looking forward to what the sunset will look like,
Grandpa bought me a package of makeup; "Keep quiet about this," he said. I didn't see any wrongs so i did. I handed it back when my chest grew heavy.   I caught my brother obsessed with a boy;
The clock.  In the day you may not hear it. But in the night let this be known. Any time you may be stuck awake, It may seem the sound has grown.
They fall like rain drops from the sky Sliding down the skin while time goes by They go unnoticed  For she doesn’t make a sound No one to hold her  As she lets it out She’s done it for years
I like the quiet, I hate the noise. The only noise I like, is the noise that comes from my headphones. I enjoy the quiet,
There are moments when the Silence Threatens to destroy me. When the lack of noise is pressing down And I’m not sure I can breathe.  
She saw Him He saw Her   Both on contacts with the eye   whatever were the distractions to be   it was but a sweet meet   a sweet feast a joyous joy
Saintly silent waits he, to have a silent slight glimpse of her again, he silently misses her milky face, her big round eyes.   Saintly he waits silent, for his silent alarm to ring again,
I fantasize about silence, in order to have less.  
parentheses parenthetical thoughts never expressed repressed like sexual urges in children too young to know what sex is what an urge is
I'm sorry I'm sorry I scream I'm sorry I threaten I'm sorry it's easier for me to lie and say "I hate you"
The faceless-ageless friends didn't find her hiding. 
Up above in the emptiness of space
It forms at every pauseIt lurks around every cornerIt builds with every secondIt waits for the next momentIt is everythingIt is nothingIt will open doorsIt will slam them shut
  The Stage of Silence    
The kids are screaming and playing to the sounds of cars passing by. An airconditioner hums with an impeciple breath and the teachers shout the names of the children.   Again.
I try to scream Nothing Silence I try to speak Yet again nothing Silence I wonder what has happened I am mute to the world Has someone clipped my vocal cords so as to forever silence 
Silence is the enemy, Never too far away. Other fears have begun to flee,  Yet it seems to linger and stay.   Why must quiet fill the room Every time I go to speak?
Fellow white people!
They would turn a whisper into a shout. A phrase streching for miles. I'd tell truth to be revealed Healing would never come... The truth sets only those free who confess. I, of the confession am in bars.
and all the cannibalistic bullets trapped n digging through the fox hole cant stop me from letting my silence speak to you cause when words hit you dont hear a sound.
I feel the sylables Nesting within my breast Effectively avoiding spillage  Emptied from my clenched lips Destroying the illusion  Held of prefection Enclosing the unspoken
Silence is my welcome mat, It meets me at the door, Words don't work here. But I still implore   I hope for answers that never come My heart is wide open So much gore to show
Say the right things And I shall speak Say the wrong things And I shall be silent.
City Lights, Valley low Watching through all the snow From this highway where I stand Twinching fingers, aprehensive hand   City Lights, how you glow Twinkling dots put on a show
I stand alone
What we are
My favorite thing is when I am held close- To your face. When you hold me and keep me close- To you. I am scared of falling. Shattering and breaking because you could not care enough- To catch me.
Speaking three different languages
WHO AM I I am a tree- standing where I am. I am the wind- always there, but never seen. I am an eagle- slowly soaring by. I am looking out for you and I sometimes wonder why.
The vaguely audible drip-drop of tears onto floor The sorrow, miserable countenance she wore The expanding of an internal flame Who is, I wonder, truly to blame?   She slouched, unevenly sitting
Fearless is the absence of the fear Fearing less is a message held dear Bravery or neccessity, the motive unclear Tongueless or eyeless, his silence impure A road less tread, a story unread
But I'm probably just rambling to air at this point.  No matter how prolific,
Silence is deafening when I'm alone The hum of nothingness's tone Not a pin drop nor a mouse's scurry Not a scraching or a tapping to be heard   The sound is frightening, Like a sentence of torture.
Absence of Sound The avoidance to mention a single word
Silence both at peace and war. Wanted and resented, silence consumes the world and all who call it home. For years, all throughout the start of my life, just as most children, I thought silence to be, a stranger of my actions.
Wretched flames amidst sweltering pink ridges
A poem that I featured on my blog:
Judge with thoughts in the dark shadows green Remember in mind what was forseen
  i speak for those who have lost their courage to speak  for those whos words run to the tip of their tounges just to retreat back to the back of the throats back to where they came from 
There’s a moment. That moment. Just one moment that happens so rarely That when it comes people think it’s nothing It’s just something that happens Occasionally. But it’s more than something.
I'm running Trying to catch up Trying to get a hold But you slip right through
I was so naive So blind When it came to you I was a complete fool  
When you see me, Am I invisible?What am I? You conversate to me like you know me.But do you know?
Silence is golden. But talk is cheap. Does that mean the quiet are rich? And the social ones weak? Then why is it that society Places the price on the head Of the one with a smile And an empty head?
You preach your theories, teach your lies.
Do you hear that? Me either. 
"Speak!" you scream at me as your words wrap around my throat,
The uneasy feeling
Loneliness is illness A silent danger   If left untreated, May prove to be fatal   Symptoms include Wishful thinking, an ache   Somewhere in the thoracic cavity
Quiet is the observer Motionless in kaleidoscopic torment. I thought until thought was meaningless. “Grab the pen! Grab it, you coward!” A ceaseless voice streams Through an intravenous drip.
The shadow s
Happy eyes, Hidden tears. Smiling laughter, Suppressed fears. Innocent words, Knowing mind. Light chords, but deep behind. Just a joke to me there's meaning.
The quiet silenceAs my soul remembers meAll that I became
    To Those Who Cannot Speak –   Let it be known that I hear your voice, Through the wrinkles in your skin and the quick motions of your hands, Sound is not the only choice.  
My mouth goes dry and my throat closes up People wonder if I am mute But the truth is I have nothing to say
I know well enough That I am not alone But nevertheless my resolve is to never give up my secret For if ever I did I would certainly be stoned Or forced to pack up and leave their home To show my own soul
Let me paint a picture,
I think about suicide all the time, Even when I don’t, it’s still at the back of my mind, I try to remember all the time I tried to leave, I’m aching for this pain to recede, I’m so tired of feeling worthless,
We are nothing more than people. We are masses with voices. Some cry silently and shed not a single tear; Some are bleeding from their throats, but all are desperately wishing. We all desperately need.
The crack of a cackling bullet Shattered the life and the sanctum of thought Which held me up, assisted and created me But left me when I needed it the most   The scream of a dying soul
Sorrow written with the tears tracing your skin, Desperately shedding the agony left unspoken. Sorrow that slowly consumes you from within, Greedily slicing apart the heart that once dreamt.   
Silent tears concealed by a pathetic façade. Soundless suffering, weeping. A voiceless shrill cloaked by false smiles. Muted agony, raw and searing. A torturous solitude
She's stuck in this circle t
Everything I say is wrong So i've been staying quiet Not speaking for so long
my head still comprehends sometimes the broad strokes so few paint with anymore
Silence Oh Silence, My hushed homeland hide-out a gem  rarely unearthed main supporter when all is wrong When all words fail Silence  
Fear that runs so deep your soul cries from the pain
Silence. It can be a warm embrace after a world of chaos and pain. The sudden realization of it all though, of the sheer sound of nothing, now that's different. When you realize what silence brings.
They both sit in the dark room bathing in silence as the tension starts to build.
Being heard is a lie. Children get scoulded for asking "why?" In this nation we are silenced  By the people who are supposed to be our guidence. We are herded like sheep,
When the world is so loud and chaotic as it seems,
Silence You wanna be heard? Don't make a sound. It's profound.
One of the most unknown things to man is silence.
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
No one truly asks,
They ask me why I write the words that I do,  What are my intentions? To be heard In the seemingly inescapable noise of societies chaos and noise pollution,
Stand Up Wake up with that dreadul feeling.
A weed in a lawn full of grass. A disturbance an annoyance Ugly and fowl.
In my hands I hold    a photograph of you   and him standing    at the altar and I wonder   what    
They only fester in the silence. Time is ticking. We should stop being quiet Because all they can do is fester in the silence.   The longer they fester, the worse the pain. Time is ticking.
I don't like it. Not at all, I don't appreciate this. This immense hatred, and dislike. That is all towards me. Why? I must ask why... Why am I the target, of all, Your hatred?
You never hit Wetness like stripes fall Drip into regret   You never yelled at me, Gasping air, the thud of the wall. Memories are set.   You never lied to me
You hold me close and say, "Don't fret.""It's okay, I will soon forget".I know the words are only in my mind,But somehow this connection we have; it speaks to me.
"You don't know what I say in my mind Close to my heart"--"get your face out of their behind!" "You think you're so this and so that all that pride and ego talking, take a seat" she sat
It’s quiet Dead silence It’s never this quiet in my house   I don’t like silence It’s deafening It makes you sit there on the couch With the TV turned off
Poetry The tall, dark and handsome man I long for His broad shoulders are the frames to the most beautiful painting His eyes illuminate in the sky like the stars Almost as if you could touch him,
    He moved, slowly, into the silence   And I haven’t seen him since.   Do I stay or do I part?   The decision will come from my heart.  
I’m a whirlpool, No, A thunderstorm, No, A category 5 hurricane, Of thoughts, and hopes, Of memories, and dreams, Of puzzle pieces and star dust.   But everything stays silent.
 I see you. You see me. Our eyes meet, But out mouths don't speak.  
Out the window, carried on clouds On a day so listless I can't hear a sound Silence so loud no thoughts are clear
Don't move,
Wake up, Dress,  School, Wither, Dinner, Sleep,  Repeat.
Silence screams clearly About the hurt inside all Speak up. Reach out. Heal. 
Love is not saying three words for reassurance nor is it insecurity.
There is something stirring  It threatens fear It threatens death My only escape is to drown Drown it out Push it down Do not breath Do not think Do not cry
  Silence.   I’m choosing not to speak. Everything I say, I say it on repeat. My answer- I don’t know.         Silence.    Yes. I really do.
Silence   This isn’t how we should be. But we’ve decided that's how it will be.
I rearrange my personality and fix my face, Tuck my curse words and laid back cool college kid demeanor
The silence is burning straight through my brittle bones The silence is scary because it leaves a presence for daunt thoughts The first thing that races through my head is the need to die
Steady beeping. White walls. Disinfectant. Beeping. Two people. One in a chair. One in a bed. Beeping. Tears. Wires. Machines.
From my first faltering breath, whisperedPronounced words bound in abandonSpace in deafening silenceScreams muffled in mourningBulging eyes proclaimClarity, reinedUnrestraintSeekingAir.
I’m not bullied,not me.I never have been,and I probably won’t be.But I’m sickand I’m tiredof watching these people laugh at other people.
they found he razor in the shower today because i forgot to take it out. thye looked at me with dissipointed eyes today but ppretentded they knew nothing about.   they heard me gagging in the bathroom today
Silence ringing in my ear, Buzzing like some sort of infernal pest, If it goes on for one more second I won’t be able to bear, The thought of you laying our conversation to rest.
Warning: some explicit language  
It's hard to explain feelings To someone who hasnt experienced them. It's hard to explain what silence sounds like Without having first heard a sound. All of these feelings we try to disguise,
Silence is so loud, A roaring lion coud not compare. It burns through your mind and demands you to hear.
Don’t mind me. I’m just passing through. I’m neither here nor there And I won’t be stopping. Don’t mind me. Excuse me, pardon me I’m only passing through. I gave up long, long ago
My silence speaks volumes Telling all what I say without words But only those who truly have listened Are the ones who know what needs to be heard
Silence. It surrounded me like a thick blanket, a false illusion of security as I walked across Fulton and through the market. My flats tapped the ground, giving off no sound,
My teacher once told me The snow absorbs sound And that is why in winter When the air is cold And comes out in puffs The world is silent And any sound is muffled By a heavy crystal blanket
You’re put into groups of those who are supposed To shut up and keep their heads down. You’re asked to “speak up” when spoken to And when you do without asking They tell you to “quiet down”
I speak in tones of silence. Every detail of me grows in volumes of silence.  
I walked through the valley of the shadow of death And witnessed the face of the many Who suffered greatly without remorse I gazed upon the anguish and Fear within their eyes  
The ship is sinking. There is a hole in the bottom of the stern. The women scream and clutch their children with fright While the men run around, struggling to maintain control.
Talking is easy but I don’t speak Some of the most wonderful things grow from silence and solitude Loneliness is painful but I don’t weep
Before, when I entered a quiet room, there would be nothing for me to hear.   When I would reach the end
As I lay here only thinking of you, I wonder
Since birth, we are surrounded by the music of our lives. In our first years, the sounds are new and wonderful.
I look at the towering shelves that enchant  me with their dust, And their books sitting there like a superlative throne. I find the quiet a blessing, Because I know they won't forever be silent.  
And I lay my head on my soft pillow. Silence.Inhale, exhale. I focus on my breath.When my thoughts run off to a distant memory
You know that thing that happens Between a professor posing a question and that First student raising a reluctant hand To answer it    That awkward pause.  That silence.
The sound shut out from a crowded room Hearing one note after another, clear and smooth Calm, Serene Only when that noise enters From the crowds of people Laughter, Chatter Do I feel completely alone
night is when all of my monsters emerge.
You say you're in a funhouse,
"What if we didn't go to war?" I accidently ask in my Junior econ. class I feel my classmates eyes on my back, I sit in the front for a reason. "Hippie! Go to california you Democrat" I hear a student say to me.
A rose placed upon shattered  glass. Her cries are heard from afar,  But no one listens.
Silence. It crashes upon the shores of noise with the sound of television static. Then it stops. There is nothing but darkness in my ears and stars exploding in my brain.
I like being alone, to myself. It gives me time to think, listen, and observe. No crowdsof people complaining about their life. Just.... stillness and calm. Time stops when I'm alone, to myself.
I have never realizedHow alone I've felt until this very moment...It hit me like I had just ran into a brick wallI hate how horrible I feelHow depressing this emotion isAnd to think that my biggest fear was to be aloneWhen I've felt alone for 4 yr
There are so many things I want to tell you I was the quiet one in class who did all of his work But you still gave me the bad grades because I did not talk throughout your class
Alone. 5 words. 2 syllables. A major problem within itself. Not only are we the cause but we are the reason. Yet as time passes something begins to happen.
Silence is the killer, the murderer most formidable, abducting peace from Solution’s stronghold- mellowing a path toward never-ending Havoc, who takes rightful partnership alongside his accomplice.
The sound of silence,  One I know too well, The quiet is so haunting,  And I wish my fear would dispel, The silence is omipresent That I know for sure, Its every place I am,
I feel like I messed up like I misrepresented myself to the point where you don't know who I am. Like I'm singing a song on your off beats with a syncopated rhythym you
I have recognized that everyone is on their own At the end of the day we have all sung the same song Our emotions are imperceptible, we can barely express them We can easily fool each other with our thoughts and truths
  Silence   My mother always asks me, Why I can never seem to sit still. My muscles tighten and an excuse is quickly constructed,
You say, “Tell me you remember.”       But that would be a most grievous lie.             So I say nothing. You say, “I don’t understand!”       But you could never be remembered.
I don't want the silence But it comes crawling in Into my ears, and I can't help but reflect upon Myself I try to stop it But I can't help think How ugly I am They say I'm beautiful
With each waking breathe, my soul quivers for fear. I cant stop these feelings inside me.   He tells me to breathe only breathe, its all we ever have left but why? 
Feather Light Flakes Feather light flakes drift down from the sky, Dusting the flowers that only just died, Soaking through leaves that only just dried.   You wake up to silence
766509, please raise your hand. To the school I was but a number, feeding money into the stands. What I say I mean quiet literally because money is all that mattered. The students saftey, or ablity to learn
They think it's easy Easy to think so much Information consumes one Like bees on honeycomb   Where do all these thoughts Originate Pulled from thin air Circulating from mind to mind
The fact that I hold the door open for girls does NOT make me a lesbian.
Of days when I have forced my will To school, and kept myself so still, And haven't uttered cries of grief, Of your incompetent relief - Deriving from your lack of skill, In the ability to feel
I’d say it in person, but I fear rejection Because when a student speaks out there’s surely ejection You ask who I am, just look at my friends I stay true to my values while others change like trends
i am scared i am here on the outside i show no fear this is new i am here within time there will be no fear
i am scared i am here on the outside i show no fear this is new i am here within time there will be no fear
Careful, now, I daydream softly, As the clock strikes one by one, Only a lifetime 'til that saintly bell tolls, but until then, the prisoners must suffer. I hear the voice that makes my starry mind pucker,
Miles to, hundreds from Where my hearts pulled Where the sun drowns Where the wind doesn't blow, We sit in silent war.   The cry's cold cut on the brink of hysteria
When you see this soft-spoken, shy girl sitting at her desk, You see someone weak As I quietly doodle away on my note-pad, You see someone distracted When every other girl giggles and laughs with her friends,
Scared? Frightened? I used to be all those things until, I met silence. It welcomed me with a cold hug. I hated it. No, I wasn't mute, and never will be, sadly. But sometimes  I wished I could be mute.
Sad to say To my dismay I waste away my day Trying to find the words to say To make you stay But my silence just pushes you away.   So here I am instead Laying here in bed
Nothing seems to work Nothing could ever be said I am never heard   Nobody can hear Nobody will listen now I am never heard   Silence is comfort Silence is my company
Your love is true, but this "us" does neither you nor I any good. 'Cause,   In the end, this big house is still empty  and I remain alone, in the silence,
Hear the laughter and not the end Past mistakes in my head Break the tip of my pencil lead The end of the end is only the beginning  When I listen to those words I only hope that you're kidding
The triumph of the meek will beLoud. Crowds of complex hearts pulledOut of dying chests, vests of steel thrown off, meltedDown and welded into cymbals and trombones.The groans and creaks of grief will cease;
Want it gone Away forever But I know That it’ll never. Focus on one Impossible. Focus on many Probable.
I am young but old I wonder what it feels like to fly I hear the whisper of a butterfly's wing I see the colors of the wind I want to go to heaven one day and see my grandma I am young but old  
Can't breathe, need air,Hands shaking, almost there.Rushing, pulling, running,The taste, simply stunning.
There is a place I go  When I'm alone A quiet space Away from all the chaos Of the world that we've misnamed home When there is time to spare It is there That I will wander
He steps off the plane, He's finally home. All is quiet, No blaring guns and, Exploding bombs. The silence is unnerving.   Eighteen months away, For the first time,
"Don't die!" she gasps. "Don't leave me!" she pleads as tears stream down her face. He knows his fate. She denies it. His heart slows. His grip on her hand weakens as she grasps his tighter.
I hate those eyes, That filled the empty void, I hate their soft glow, that promised me everything. I hate those eyes, that let me into your heart, and welcomed me so warmly, told me I am home.
You must think I'm so boring; sitting here not saying a word. Excuse me if you're snoring.   The way you're ignoring me, I feel like roaring. This is absurd. You must think I'm so boring.  
Kids cryin’ and dyin’ Whites and colors never getting along How did everything go wrong? Have you ever seen a troubled Mexican girl walking alone? Or a little boy behind a glass on the phone? You see, I have
I have trouble speaking aloud; it could because of the bullies. Words are easier to write, I don't have to worry. My voice will not shake; my hand is firm, as my pen creates a world out of my own words.
On the lofty, grassy hill I stand Facing toward the eastern dawning light Slowly rising, lighting the damp land Silence broken by the fowl of no flight
  On the lofty, grassy hill I stand Facing toward the eastern dawning light Slowly rising, lighting the damp land Silence broken by the fowl of no flight
The ripples of pain we feel When we hear nothing at all. Why is it said that silence is golden? Silence is iron when it rusts And it takes form as a dagger That impales you,
I write because i can't express the way things make me depressed. Not aloud atleast, so on pages i unleash a beast. Everyone is under the impression that i don't feel, that alone makes me reel.
Silence Silence is golden No, there lies truths unfolded Gold is the truth and silence is the corrosion Failure to speak of such things Leads to conversations about other things
  There's the waveand the crashThere's the runand the screamOh WhyGod Why? Silence Hold it inLet it outHold on tightLet it go It's hereIt's done Silence Looking backwish and reamLooking aheaddream and wish Forgetremember Silence
The odd thing about silence, is that; once it is spoken,  it                                disappears.   Silence is imaginary, It is unreal, It is—
Today there is a deafening roar surrounding me Its scattered chaotic quality makes me feel unease Most days this noise is my soundtrack and silence is too much Today I fear its suffocating
I’m a shadow.. a background image.. No one can see… The chaos that resides within me. The silent tears that no one hears. My body scarred and wounded. My heart jagged, so badly broken.
In silence, You must be beautiful. My listener, My understanding truth. Every word Uncovered through the pages. Giving me nor acceptance nor regret.   Pouring out my Wounds.
We all know that feeling That feeling we use for excitement and adventure That feeling we have when we take first steps That feeling we have when looking into the future It's a scared four letter word
I'm not mute Though my lips are silent. Not cruel Though my thoughts turn violent. I don't agree When I have nothing to say. My mind rebels When my feet obey. You ask for my thoughts
As I wait there watching him slowly but surely slip from my fingertips, i think to myself.  Why should I wait to be noticed? Why should I stand on the sidelines waiting for a chance to conncet with what people a relationsip? ...
We are but black and white The letters that we write. The colors leeching from our pens destroy worlds and breathe sins.
Can I just plug my ears,And shield the noise?I don't have many fears,I'm just freaking annoyed,Mood always switching gears,The lever's almost destroyed,Transparent thoughts remain clear,
We want to change the world.  We sang it together in crowded basements.  Declared it so loudly that the world may be forced to hear us.  But they didn't. 
Music Clashing sounds Rhythmic beats All ensuing me Revolving around my aurora Till it finally enters my body, euphoria Causing my internal energies to move, enigma;
Constant noise ringing insesantly in my ears day and night without rest.   No silence No calming sounds Just irritating distractions. These are the voices of the ignorant  
Please leave me alone.The voices in my head wont be silentCan't think, can't breath.Wanting to escape this terror.No where to paint for my arms are full of the scars as well as my legs.
I woke up that day I saw something new It was that perfect yawn From a great sleep I never thought to have I was inducted It was exclusive I had something special That  made me special
BleaknessThe clouds bleed tearsTo fallAs lead blendsSorrow intoTurmoilPainPeace’s only anecdoteThe smoke blowsInto heartsSearching for hope in the haze
Why do I write?Is it because the wordsstop at the tip of my tongue?Is it because when I try to speak,nothing but a croak emerges?
  8pm and orange setting suns. the soft spring nights resemble what is to come. The track smells of melted plastic with lines of deep blue, the midwest sun glaring, relentless and with no hue.
A cold autumn’s day No time to play A cold autumn’s night No time to fight   There she stands Alone With only the sounds of the forest Her companions She steps on the earth
Empty hearts in a snowless blizzard taking on the heat of day lost to the world so ever loved lost in a world once meant for play  
Knees are buckled tied, looking face down Creaks and crackles pray you're still lingering around Officer says "let's go for a ride"... Let's go for a ride in the black and blue tide
GIVE ME A BREAK! I’m kinda new to this, But I see how great your love truly is. I also see a crazy mess, And it’s bringing me distress. Kindness obsolete; And sometimes kept descrete,
Silence Yes that's me But silent isn't what I want to be It's much too empty and way too still But make of it what you will Silence isn't always bad But not much silence have I ever had
These things you tell yourself at midnight When you're alone and those thoughts in your head just won't shut up. And all you want is some Goddamn silence
Enigmas pulsing through my mind, Wordless and trapped. Emotions flicker through my psyche, Unremitting and unforgiving. How can I release all I'm feeling In a deluge that refuses To be formed with words?
alive in the deadly silence the Noise just sits there and rumbles, to itself cause no one cares to hear friends. comfortable behind mask of blindness
Hungry for help, Yet mute in fear of misjudgment, I store my confessions in vaults. Gated and guarded, My secrets are sheltered in silence; A lone and cumbersome collection.
As the snow falls I feel the memories fade We're given a slate of time that can't be erased We're lulled- Into the cadence of life and the thought of love Herself. As the ice forms on the window pane
Silence in the open air Overwhelmed with nothingness but it's always everything Too jumbled to organize Too messed up to put in complete sentences Am I just dysfunctional? Empowered by self infliction
Spinning Spinning Spinning Each memory, each moment, each thought is connected by a strand of consciousness The image blurs together as time stands still. Sounds become mute and feelings become numb.
My world was turning crashing. I try to stand one hand against the wall. Efforts with no reward left in vain. Aching painfully tears of frustration running down my face. Everything is turning.
Static silence converges on my ears Stealing my sanctuary Refusing to let me rest in nothingness Why must there always be something, not nothing?
The silence is screaming. It’s an invisible fog clouding my judgment and burning my eyes with its icy touch. It’s so dense that I can’t breath without it expanding in my throat; a fog so solid that it chokes my airway with its endless emptiness.
Embrace the silence, For it is wise. Let it visit, before it dies. It is a teacher, and bearer of wealth, It can help a soul to find itself.
I'm alone no one to comfort me nor to help me But forsake me like it's their god given right
This loneliness is dementing me. I speak not of the demons veiled behind every corner. They wait until it's dark Until I have thought myself into a mad frenzy Then they show me the past. What I did
I'm no longer a kid. I've matured mom, yes I did. You keep me locked up, And I'm getting really fed up. It's nine o'clock and you're telling me togoto sleep.
My dearest Silence. How are you these days? I, myself, have been better. You may be wondering, Silence, why I’ve written this. I do not know for sure, but I’ve been told it might help
Every morning Dad comes home Exhausted and shattered by his work The money wouldn’t be asked more. Fumblingly his hands in the kitchen Quick cooking for breakfast as dinner, Quick eating but no one asking for.
Silence so loud. Silence so cold. I've never felt so alone. You can't see it you can't hear it But its the thing we all fear. Hope is lost. Never found. for now.
It's the harsh sound that rings in your ears, the noise equivalent to a bee sting. The white noise in your head vibrates, all you want it to do is cease it's unearthly pitch.
The sun rolled round the silent earth- If every one speaks who is to be heard? The great white doors they tower and toll, But they are a sanctuary; The comfort of home. Behind the brass knob screwed on so tight
Unbroken silence Quiet is all around me My eyes search for sound Seeing is hearing Even what is not spoken Eyes hear everything Life with no hearing Silence is normal for me My life is not loud
So loud in my head Stop to breathe Look up And Silence fills my ears
Silent days Filled with clattering Thoughts Lonely desires Passions stretched over my eyelids like Spandex pants one size too small
It hurts, every whisper Each wayward glance, so close Every moment heard and felt Twisting the shard with each tremor, vibration Icy crystalline glass wedged to deep to pull Oh beating drum in my body and ears
When you find yourself sitting in the sun, a light, unbothering wind upon your thoughts, escaping into the air through your contended expression,
lots of things can end in silence a fight is fought with words like knives cutting the one you love and there are too many i'm sorries to be had so it ends in silence
(poems go here) This World... This place is so cold and hard It feels like there are boulders on my chest They crush my body
The strength of the mind, So quiet, though so kind. Can the flower taste sugar, As the bee take away? It may seem that a way, but we just may not know it. So quiet, though so kind
it hurts to shatter silence, after keeping everything inside for so long to part my pursed lips glued together by the time passed since they last cleaved it’s unnatural and foreign
Silence tourture, obscure masking, censoring, confining An ambiguous strength withheld unpronounced
While the small town sleeps And the moon keeps watch With the stars like guards Drinking spots of scotch While the children dream And the mothers rest With their babies safe Upon their breast
I took a vow of silence, I've decided not to speak. I've created a philosophy, speaking makes one weak.
Silence is a rare currency The value's going up With distractions invading our lives Loudness is worshipped Silence is lambasted And the quiet ones are persecuted And the happily lonely are further shunned
If you could walk a mile in their shoes would you want to Take one step then take a few Look at the people who surround you Would you even understand you Are there things you'd like to undo
The imagery echoes in brain, Never stopping and no gain. Same thing over and over, But no matter what there is no closure.
Father may I, may I tell you that I'm grateful? Father may I, may I tell you that I'm thankful? And not for all the right reasons because you've wronged me, words like jagged talons from your lips remind me,
I woke up last night to a beautiful sound- A sound I hadn’t heard since I was back in California resting in the cusp of my hammock with a pinch of peace between my fingers. I remember it pierced a perfect puncture
My name is subject to change; I stray among the others, freezing in their shadows. This beating; the beating of my heart. Pulsating with courage. These trembling hands, they'll be the hands of a hero.
Shattered. Shattered like the chandelier Now crumbled on our floor. What once lit our worlds Now disintegrates into the dust of time.
Silence My opinions are not the norm. Silence A break before the storm Silence A deep and navy blue Silence That question you ask, with who Silence I’m not going to cry Silence
On the dark cliffs full of shadows The river is rushing, the water crashing Headed towards the inevitable fall
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