Tear Me Down

Think before you speak,

We've all heard it before.

The wonderful advice we often ignore.

Unaware that words are as sharp as swords,

Cutting into our flesh, the demons we bore.

I stand at their mercy,

Before their eyes,

Falling into darkness,

My confidence dies.


You're fat, ugly, stupid, obscene.

Words that stay stuck to me.

I avoid the mirror, and hide my face,

Wandering eyes make me feel unsafe.

I heard too much, and not enough,

The life I live is sometimes rough.


Word burned into my mind,

Words that tear me down,

Leaving me bleeding on the ground.

Echoing in the back of my saddened head,

As I wonder if I'm better off dead.

I seem to only be criticized,

I miss the love. 

Those who love me ,

Never say enough.

As if three simple words could cover up,

The words they said that cut me up.


So tear me down,

In your words I drown.

I'll be okay,

I'm just fight the demons,

Through my faith,

That tomorrow will bring,

A better day.



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