What Is Life With No Words

Life with No words 

did you actually think it didn't hurt 

you bottle up everything that you want to blurt

People flounce pass you not noticing

but you, you are not focusing 

so kind hearted, so naive 

heart of more then gold, you were made to believe 

at your lowest with no one to turn to 

you want to give up

wondering who else knew 

knew about what you were going threw

the hurt you'd seen, the battles you'd fought 

There you stand, so strong for everyone 

so strong for everyone except... yourself

so in the midst of it all you fall

you fall so hard, but it isn't over yet 

your turnaround was as fast as the worlds fastest jet

you needed to fall to see what was so clear 

All the confusion you had stirred.. well

thats just life with no words 



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