The sun rolled round the silent earth-
If every one speaks who is to be heard?
The great white doors they tower and toll,
But they are a sanctuary;
The comfort of home.
Behind the brass knob screwed on so tight
Not even is there silence on the melancholy night.

Mutters, mummers, ticking toking of clocks
Tossing, fussing, clamoring of hawks-
The dotted white lines leer ahead,
Rushing, racing, rumbling instead.

Introvert, extrovert is there such thing-
When the quiet mind speaks and the loud mind thinks.
Is there order on an entropic earth?
Do wise men fall from inarticulate words?

The billowing willow sags over heavy heads;
He never said a word, but let you figure it out instead.



That was absolutely marvelous, I'm so impressed with the amount of depth and feeling you were able to put into this. I was honestly breathless when I was reading, it was like I suddenly realized how loud everything was because while I was reading I could feel silence. Thank you for that :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i agree
this is a great poem-you can feel the silence depending on what one does
this is a well put together poem

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