Silence from the Homeless Child


Fear that runs so deep your soul cries from the pain

Losing so much with your struggles.

It began to drive me insane

The friends I thought I had. The love I was told  to be given. 

When did it all start?

Providing me food and shelter

I must stay numb and obedient. This is your home .

Silence from the homless child. My needs are too much to request

Ille just endure the suffer and learn from my pain.

Where did it all start?

Streghtn and faith is all I need. I'm learning this along the way 

Tears shatter when anger interferes. 

The yelling voices of hurt in my head are taking over

The screaming rage must be heard

Why do I still live? 

Pointing fingers of the dissapointments and unachievments towardsthe women who carried  me for 9 those precious months

Your purpose in life that was never applied correcly.

When do I set my selfish needs aside? 

They stand there demolishing my spirit.

Im just a young girl. Im just that homless child

I sit there collecting bad memories of offal things said to me

They discourage my soul

Family. Friends. Even my own father

I'm running out of tears to express my pain.

The demons feed off my vulnerbility in the ones so close to me.

When can I just dissapear?

No, you better stop hiding under the covers believing its providing warmth.

Let god set your soul free into a healthy living human being.  

My angel is so close. I know I can reach. Your right in front of me.

Please show me the way. We get lost in these woods. 

Fear that runs so deep your souls cries from the pain.

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