Silent Voice

Sometimes I find the time to go too fast,

And the sounds of the world to be too loud,

But when I think back to times past,

There must have been a moment where there was no sound. 


Less than a second, 

Though longer than you'd know, 

Then chaos was beckoned, 

And out of the silence it did grow. 


Chaos did her job, 

She took the silence in her hand, 

and with but with a gentle sob, 

she crushed it into sand. 


Sometimes when I see the waves, 

crashing to the shore, 

I hear nothing save, 

the silence cry once more.


She thinks to that moment, 

to which she was concieved and born, 

and to all that she was chosen, 

To all that she was sworn.


Silence calls out to me,

She says to listen again, 

How funny it was me, 

To which only she could mend. 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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