The Broken Cycle

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 18:04 -- lilabee

They fall like rain drops from the sky

Sliding down the skin while time goes by

They go unnoticed 

For she doesn’t make a sound

No one to hold her 

As she lets it out

She’s done it for years

Gotten good at it now

No one could suspect 

The real truth deep down

The sniffles, the whimpers 

It is all there

It burns her throat 

Still no one to care


She is spoken to

She knows what to do

Tears wiped off her face

She smiles and leaves no trace

Nobody knows that she had just cried

Nobody to know the way she is feeling inside

She goes on with life

Like a cycle with no brakes

Cry. Wipe. Smile. 

It doesn’t change


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