A Whisper from the Heart

“There is but one place where humanity coalesces with the purest concentration of earth. 


This is in a dimension where blank noise is alive,

and silence inhabits a fluid entity


where we are dormant observers of the other worldly.


There is a plane of sound and movement

where within we reside


and in the absence of reverb there is a language unbeknownst to us,


that whispers to us in the dialects

of rustling foliage and soft wind 

rushing rain and warm light 

the steady bump of a heartbeat


and this is silence.


This is peace and truth,

this is life and clarity


this is silence.


This is awareness and being,

this is conscious stillness 


this is silence.


And this is how I survive.


Because I was not built to withstand constant tension at 80 degrees

busyness prickles my outsides

and the loud aches,


and in the human world where foaming mouths are always open, screaming,

where the medium of talktalktalking 

is sharp pain and dark poison,


I cannot exist. 


In a world that refuses to cease,


silence breathes life into me.“ 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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