Lonely Tonight

Mon, 02/15/2016 - 03:40 -- Jay_M

The silent air tonight says more

Than anything I've said before.

It’s filled with the words I cannot speak.

Are you too deaf? Is my voice too weak?

I feel like I just can't trust you.

I haven’t told you this, it’s true,

But can’t you see that my heart’s breaking?

Can’t you see my knees are quaking

From the weight of worlds upon my back?

But maybe it’s the trust I lack

That keeps me like a silent moon

In orbit, like the flies in June.

Is the fault in you? Or is it me?

I hide away, won’t let you see:

How much I need to fall apart,

How much I use my breaking heart,

How worn the mask of strength is getting,

How shoddily my smile is fitting,

How much I need to speak my mind,

How many words I cannot find.

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