Silence? NO! I NEED Noise.

Wed, 03/30/2016 - 13:44 -- shy8088

How do we know?

Do we truly need something?

            Or simply want it?


I want to stay close to my family

            But I could live on without them

                        It may not be pleasant, but it could be done

I want to own a large farm with many animals

            But I could get by in a small apartment with no other living creature than myself

                        I could do it even if it would leave me all alone

I want to be successful and never worry about money

            But again, I could also make it buy living pay check to almost pay check

                        It’s not the ideal way to live but many already do, so why couldn’t I?


I need noise

Any kind of noise



Pouring Rain

Clanking of Pans

The Creaks of a Floor

Bicycle Bells Ringing

Car and Trucks Driving by

The Squeaking of a Rusty Hinge


Any noise that can distract my wondering mind now

            Any noise that would distract me from what I would no longer have

                        A family to talk to and spend holidays with

            Animals to take care of and play with

                        Money to live a comfortable life without worry

These I could live without, but without them I would be










So you see

In theory I could live without everything I want

            It would be an utterly miserable life, but it could be done

                        Not in silence though, NO!

                                    I would go Mad!



Noise is what I NEED

            Noise to drown out the feelings of what I have lost

                        Noise to distract my mind and keep it from wondering too far

                                    Noise to keep me company when nothing else can


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