My Own Silence


Let me paint a picture,

keep it in your mind:


five foot five,

red hair with blue eyes,

good at soccer,

straight A's and no lies.

This is all you see when you talk about me,

she's too quiet,

she's a nerd,

who would ever want to be her.

But that's not me.

I read a freakish amount of books.

I play the trumpet in marching band.

This doesn't make me weird.

If you only knew that we bring home

more trophies than you ever do.

These are my go to's

if you ever ask what I like to do.

But there's so much more:

I'm a young woman who grew up faster than most,

hardship puts you through the wringer.

I tell my lies just like you all,

don't make me an angel.

Green sprees are the best

on cool summer nights under the stars.

I can find three:

Orion and Andromeda,

the Big Dipper, too.

Crosswords and quilting,

making sweets and enjoying the indie beat.

You'll never know me as I sit there in quiet,

too afraid of what you'll think,

to voice my own silence.


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