Silence of the Shadows


United States
43° 43' 5.7576" N, 116° 45' 29.3652" W

My name is subject to change;
I stray among the others, freezing in their shadows.
This beating; the beating of my heart.
Pulsating with courage.
These trembling hands, they'll be the hands of a hero.
Through all the tensions and troubles in life;
They'll stay steady, I'll be ready.
This silence I give is the song of an angel;
The name it wears is depleting.
I live in a world so expecting;
I choose not to speak, but hail the silence for it is my salvation.
You fear the silence, for it will be my downfall.
Sounds of silence are forgiving.
For one day I'll be calling out,
I'll be the one living.
These shadows I follow in fear of myself.


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