This is the End


United States
30° 44' 11.8428" N, 86° 36' 2.25" W

(poems go here) This World... This place
is so cold and hard
It feels like there are boulders on my chest
They crush my body
but at the same time gives me a feeling of relief, a feeling of freedom from this dark place we call..."home?"
It is just a matter of time before this places starts crashing down on us all
The feeling of love we receive from others is just lust,
We are all in love with the thought of being in love
But in the end it just leads to heartbreak
This love... it's just a game we all choose to play
First we bet, and make a big joke out of it
We all have our poker face
But in the end we quit the game because we just lose sense of it all
Someone once said, " Once you've lost something you can always gain it back in time"
We just have to know how to play our cards right
This is the end ... everyone's watching
I’m one the edge of fate and immortality
This love that I once felt is gone
Its over
My life has come to a complete halt
There is no way I’m turning back
The boulders are on my chest once again
The only way to get them off is to just fall
Just release it all
Soon this will be over and done
Because THIS is the END
Everyone waits for my move
So.. I fall
As im falling.. i feel ..
Free from the world and all the stress that comes with it
Needless to say, I am enjoying life now
I feel like i am different
The darkness and pain is gone.. Its over
All of a sudden in that moment of revelation
I hit the water.
I feel the ice cold water running through my veins
its such an amazing feeling
I feel like i matter
No more STRESS
Its just me and the water
I shut my eyes for the last time

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