it is time again to be
grappling at being free
again I must be coming down
the path in which I wear the crown

for with it comes, the waves of pain
they've come to haunt me once again
as I trample through the brush
I slow myself from being rushed

for with the slowness comes the gift
you cant attain while being swift
silence is a friend of mine
aiding in my search for signs

listening with heart and ears
slowly I depart from fears
I hear the birds; they're taking flight
and soon will come another night

and with the night comes mysteries
a sight that not each human sees
for if you wish to know the truth
you must be childlike, embrace youth

the carefree nature of the child
unleashes a part of us that's wild
and with the wilderness within
we come to a crossroads once again

being able to choose the way
in which the knowledge goes or stays
opening my heart to new
is something that I have to do

for if I don't, I won't survive
this process keeps my soul alive

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