This isn’t how we should be.
But we’ve decided that's how it will be.
We've hidden behind our lies so many times, that our hearts have no problem convincing our minds that everything is fine
Refusing to air out differences and come together with out going off on a tangent 
Cool indifference on the surface while in our souls feelings run rampant
Every time we get together it's like our problems add up and our trespasses multiply causing the divide between us to grow exponentially and emulsify 
The silence is killing us it's like grabbing you and saying without even saying —
"I want you to die."
We've become blind to the plethora of sine's pointing to our relationships demise. 
Refusing to cosine on one another's opinions and understanding that out of the million ways to live there's one sure way to die and that's 
But because of our pride we keep our lips sealed and pretend that we're mimes—
Going through the motions and feigning communication.
Lips sealed with painted on expressions in mock imitation
of what was once a union built solely out of nothing but complete trust and dedication 
Reduced to nothing but two animals without language bound only by mere fornication
Trapped in a box.
Built from the bricks of pride and self preservation and closed off due to each other's self imposed obligations 
Slowly suffocating.
A foolish suicide induced by our own selfish limitations.


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