The Deaf Duckling

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 22:26 -- kyky216

The sobbing mother cringes

as her baby cries.

She wishes they had warned her




a deaf child’s screams could be.


The sobbing mother sighs

as her baby plays.

She wishes that his treatment bills

would stop piling so high.


The sobbing mother sniffles

as her baby sleeps.

She wishes she were strong enough

to raise him on her own.

But instead she leaves him,


resting by the firetruck door.




The little boy cries

as the children point and gawk.

“You don’t belong; you don’t belong!” 

they sing to him all day.

While he never hears a word they say,

he sees the hatred on each face.




The friendly lady wonders,

as the other children play,

why this young boy doesn’t speak

and never does what he is told.

When she asks a little girl,

her heart breaks at what she learns:

The little boy can’t hear them

and so his voice will not be heard.


The friendly lady smiles

as the boy’s fingers fumble.

She knew this one would be hard

for a boy who’s never heard.

So she teaches him

again and again

the sign for the word “thunder.”




The little boy stares

as the new lady signs his name.

He’s never seen anyone like him,

or someone with bright colors in their ears.

She tells him they help her hear,

though just a little,

and offers to buy him some.


The little boy cries

as the same lady signs to him.

Three months have passed

when she tells him,

“I’d like to be your new mom.”

He feels the tears stream down his face

as she holds him,

and he finally knows

what it’s like to be home.

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