Saintly silent waits he,

to have a silent slight glimpse of her again,

he silently misses her milky face,

her big round eyes.


Saintly he waits silent,

for his silent alarm to ring again,

for the hands of time to shake again, to make,

his silent alarm ring again.


silently Saintly he waits,

to see her again silently before they leave,

many faces sees he,

all look like alike.


silently Saintly waiting is he,

all may look like her,

but for none,

can replace her and her silence.


silently he waits,

silently she goes,

left goes he silently,

right goes she silently,


silently silent,

are they now to be very silent in silence,

no meetings of meets, to meet again,

no talks of talk, to talk again,


silent as silence,

silently departed she,

but silently sad is he,

silently sad will she too be.


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