Silent Call From a Bystander

The crack of a cackling bullet

Shattered the life and the sanctum of thought

Which held me up, assisted and created me

But left me when I needed it the most


The scream of a dying soul

Barred my essence and silenced my words

That could have, would have saved it

But could not be uttered for the sake


Of a merciless world- through my inaction

The world bleeds in hatred and remorse

That will one day destroy it too,

And force suffering upon it just as he had suffered.


Happiness had been my first thought

Earlier that morning when I first woke

But now I walk upon a fading sidewalk

That will one day be walked by my children


The madness of a foolish man

Had but one goal- to end a life

And for what? Money? Fame?

Greed is the terrible truth.


The end of a poor man's life

It stumbled upon a reaper by mere chance

And I feel nothing but sadness

For the dark soul that calls it.


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