Through A Thousand Eyes.

i sat through the rain. 

and everytime i saw shelter i ran.

how could i live without the rain?

how could i live without the silence being broken?

rain isn't quiet, i promise.

it has a voice, 

and not just one voice.

but thousands 

singing the same song,

hoping to live a little before they hit the ground.

i sat through the rain

and listened 

to the pounding of a thousand tales.

and a thousand tears.

a second went by 

and a thousand were killed.

so i sat in the rain.

because i remembered how hard it was to fall,

and how heartbreaking it was that no one saw.

so i sat in the rain, 

and listened to a thousand tales.

and i lived a thousand tears 

and  i watched and i cried 

when a thousand had died.

because i had seen,

                                 through a thousand eyes.





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