Sorrow Silence Solitude

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:07 -- Kaydem


Sorrow written with the tears tracing your skin,

Desperately shedding the agony left unspoken.

Sorrow that slowly consumes you from within,

Greedily slicing apart the heart that once dreamt. 


Silence echoinng the absence of innocence trust,

Timidly whispering the prevailing fears left unheard.

Silence turning confiding words into neglected rust,

Eagerly collecting the haunted souvenirs of endless years. 


Solitude, the protective mask, creating a facade of happiness,

Wearily concealing the torment of being left unwanted.

Solitude forming a shield to cover the bitterness,

Absently preserving the pain encased inside. 


Unspoken sorrow, unheard silence, unwanted solitude,

When will the pain cease? 


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