You Don't Know


"You don't know what I say in my mind

Close to my heart"--"get your face out of their behind!"

"You think you're so this and so that

all that pride and ego talking, take a seat" she sat

"Listen hear," he said, "you don't know about me

you think you do, but all you know is what you see

you don't see the hurt and the pain I go through

and if you did would it make it easier for you

will it make you feel sorry for me to see me hurt

I don't pity myself and drag myself through the dirt

Everyone goes through things that others don't know

but if we dwell on the problem, the problem will grow

I'll continue my life only seeing positive sides

not wondering about them and how their boat glides

because why should I be? 

I have enough issues on my own

And I'm sure you do too, so leave me alone."

He took some steps back and walked away

left a card on the table with three letters to say

"HIV" it said, and she never knew

that a girl he loved thought her worth was overdue

so she gave herself multiple times

looking for a love that was always there if she opened her eyes.

She was so focused on letting him see his wrong 

that she didnt even notice her own list was long 

And now she lost her lover because of her petty thoughts

and was left with a card and her stomach in knots.

How did he know before she did?

How could she be so careless, acting like a kid?

Why didn't he say something sooner to her?

but he cared for her so much that it didn't matter .

But he has left  her now, not a victim of her crime

she is the only victim, all in her ego and prime. 


Guide that inspired this poem: 


L'aqua Marine

I love it!


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