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It hurts, every whisper
Each wayward glance, so close
Every moment heard and felt
Twisting the shard with each tremor, vibration
Icy crystalline glass wedged to deep to pull
Oh beating drum in my body and ears
Such broad pieces you were cracked into
And little by little I fed them
To him
Caressed so deeply
His deft fingers re shaped them
Tenfold the beauty and grace it had held
And just as the last pieces were to be placed
The ear shattering crack
Of worlds splitting; the sound of hailing fire
He shatters you to scores of pieces
But no the shards do not hurt
They deflect, embedding themselves into my skin
Ruby tears spill, gracing the ground
But he does not see
Deaf to the moans of heart wrenching pain
The cataclysmic loss of life
He is already gone


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