Silence is Golden

Sat, 10/25/2014 - 04:26 -- aeagar2


Silence is golden.
But talk is cheap.
Does that mean the quiet are rich?
And the social ones weak?
Then why is it that society
Places the price on the head
Of the one with a smile
And an empty head?
After all it is the silent
That can speak,
And leave a room speechless.
Leaving words that will
Stick in your heart
But rest assured
That when you're home
And tucked in your beds
The silence I caused
Will be stuck in your head.
That quiet so baffling,
Will seem to be the one laughing.

That is why silence is golden
Silence is a statement
So bold it could not be spoken.
Yet it's a sentence
Beyond every word
That whispers in your head,
Yes, I have SPOKEN.


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