Jassmin Ortiz
4549 E Sunland Ave Phoenix
United States
33° 23' 46.32" N, 111° 59' 0.0132" W

Kids cryin’ and dyin’

Whites and colors never getting along

How did everything go wrong?

Have you ever seen a troubled Mexican girl walking alone?

Or a little boy behind a glass on the phone?

You see, I have

I’ve seen the sun go black in the matter of minutes;

My brother always told me that the sky’s the limit

Women like Rosa Parks

She didn’t argue or scream

After her incited it gave people sparks in their heart,

But still their limbs were torn apart

Everyone stood up for what they believed in

Yes, their hearts fell into itty bity pieces

They didn’t break even

Chavez stood up for his community

Like a leopard with her baby cubs

All he wanted was a land of opportunity

But you see

Everything was planned as it should be


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