The Stage of Silence

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 18:53 -- Agtaz19


The Stage of Silence



Silence so very silent, peace to all.

Scent of ash stuffs the nose and clogs it so

In peace the stage is not. It brings a dull,

Severed blade to war dread'n a' virtuoso.

Still the stage is calm, for no one is up

Wait patiently I do in the center.

A crumb of bread found in bijou cup

Stale it tastes, for rats did not favor.

Then I see.. I see it, saying “approach,

Approach, you will become ghastly a like.”

It was my turn at last, up to the branch,

my crowd was deaf, filled with crows. It did strike.

That of which I can not say. I feel gray.

Known it shall for today is my last day.

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