Emotions Silenced

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 19:33 -- Kvnfish


Can I just plug my ears,
And shield the noise?
I don't have many fears,
I'm just freaking annoyed,
Mood always switching gears,
The lever's almost destroyed,
Transparent thoughts remain clear,
Clever self-made jokes enjoyed,
On the right path, I need to steer,
Only once I was employed.

Sitting here trying to brainstorm,
Even if it's not the time to rain,
Spirit feels the need to be remain-torn,
I cant see a watch, for me to-explain,
I'm cold hearted, that's why I hate-warmth, 
Sometimes I feel like I have a new-brain,
Somewhere hidden in a real estate-dorm,
As I keep drifting on and off to my dreams,
I wanna snap out of it, but I can't brake,
Mind so cloudy, like I'm stuck in the steam,
As the positive energy is all that I take.


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