I'm alone


United States
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I'm alone no one to comfort me nor to help me
But forsake me like it's their god given right
But it is not. Why judge me when you barely know me. Understand me approuch me witb the aspects of trying to get to know me. I hinder my thoughts becuase i never understood why people judged me when I know thats God job not theres. you cant judge a book by it's cover i once maybe twice heard, but let along im still fighting this battle alone on my own. Family can't help because they stuck in the own selfish ways. Barely can talk to them without them going mad. "You think u grown, I cry saying no i don't." Im 18 at war with my family still alone. No one by my side but me, myself, and my reflection.



You're not alone! God's with you, so don't forget that! :D and yea true there's many people out there that aren't worth our sorrows c: just hold your head high.

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