A Broken Dream

I cry in the middle of the night when you're sleepMy face wet with lonely, misunderstood, broken tearsAlthough you don't get the one you fell in love withyou don't get me deep insideI do express myself thoroughly you just don't understand my expression so you run away to hideI fall into a daze when i'm drivingnot intentional...it's just that sometimes...the silence is too loud and its hard to bearBroken dreams and quiet screams is all i painted in my memoriesSilent talks and midnight walks dragging into the middle of nowhereno path, no light, no tunneljust the darkthe loud darkwaiting for someone to make a soundeven if its quietjust some kind of a sound..... anythingI wait to be painted next to red roses and bright, sunny skiesbright and yellow like the sun dancing with smiles and dandelions but i wake up from dreaming that beautiful dream of memoriesand the present...it stares me in the eyesno yellow brick road, no white puffy clouds, no song playing making me ease on down the road...just a lonely, cold roompainted with dull white walls that shows every scar that cut so deep into usasking why we changed and we sit there knees to chest back to back in despairwaiting for something or someone to save us so we turn around and we look into each other eyesand its not the same the pain the hurtthe scars have overwhelmed our souls and replaced it with absent remorse we could leave but this is too familiarso it has to be all there is.... right?

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