Death Lingers Here


United States
38° 44' 54.2796" N, 77° 14' 5.1612" W

My world was turning
I try to stand
one hand against the wall.
Efforts with no reward
left in vain.
Aching painfully
tears of frustration running down my face.
Everything is turning.
I hear a scream.
Plates and pans, water running.
I lie in that spot and just rest.
My world turning.
I’m in a blur and I’m lost.
Loving the feel of 0 gravity.
Cloudy, tired, high.
I’ve had this feeling before.
I think ‘Déjà vu’.
Painfully aching sad smile turns at the corner of my lips.
A painful turn of my head.
Our eyes lock…
Gosh let me die in peace.
Can’t think straight.
Don’t want to think straight
Just lay down.
Just be
Thump thump
My head
I need silence
No more sound
End this madness
Make my world still forever
Lay in silence…wait
How long?
Too loud
Too bright
Stop it
Let me go
Be still
Stop breathing
It’s fading
I’m fading
An illusion
It’s back and I can’t stand.
Stop it
Let me go
Turning my head in agony
Clouds crash
I whimper in despair
Let me go…please
Thum tump
Soft baby tears
Lay my head
Wheels turning…fast
Close my eyes
Too loud
Let me go
Let go of me…


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