A Silenced Heart Song

Disrespect at an all time high, I hate myself for loving you the way I do. 

Periodically ghosted and ignored as if I don't matter to you. 

Your word means nothing, empty promises the norm.

Being honest and telling the truth is a rare form. 

Nothing I do is ever good enough or meets your unrealistic standards.

In loving you, I devalue myself and willingly live below my standards.

I have to forgive myself for losing sight of the wealth within myself. 

Lesson learned, you are not worthy of being in the presence of my best self.

I was vulnerable when you met me, you were easy on the eyes.

You manipulated me, spoon fed my hungry heart with lies. 

I trusted you and you robbed me cheating me out of a healthy kind of love. 

Had me on my knees praying for strength to move on from above. 

Time after time, stunt after stunt, I forgave your treason. 

Everytime you, it’s never you, there is always some excuse or reason. 

I’m taking accountability for me, today is the day I make a wiser choice. 

Follow my first mind, put my mask on first, give my heart a voice.

It would say, “I deserve to be treated according to my worth.

That I have been blessed and highly favored since birth. 

Don't allow the sickness of another to taint your loving spirit.

I am your heart, I am here, I dance in harmony with life’s journey making beautiful music. 

You are the DJ, you chose the next beat drop, don’t give your hearts’ song to those desiring to silence it.” 



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