Unlucky Charm

He hits and screams,

It's never his fault,

They never see much proof that he caused any harm,

When a new bottle of whiskey is brought into sight,

You start to shake inside,

No one knows who he shows isnt who he hides,

With every insult meant to make you cry again,

When the last set of tears has jsut finally dried,

Not very visible,

But plenty of purples and blues,

You lie and play pretend,

Its a game of house and you're secluded with him,

In the light he says sorry,

Touches each bruise,

And for the day you bury more hurt he's piled onto you,

You've begged and pleaded can he just not?

It only made him realize the power he had got,

Everytime you flinch,

Will be a memory of him,

Everytime you have to talk yourself into a state of "relaxed",

Is because you became used to waiting for the next attack,

After a while he just gets silence and tears,

Even you know now that it's a frozen fear,

He's Mr.Nice Guy,

Smile with charm, 

So when you speak up,

He will say he didnt cause that harm,

He'd never understand why someone would,

Mr.Nice Guy smiles,

And he puts on a charm. 




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