Fri, 07/26/2013 - 20:54 -- LANE♥

Today there is a deafening roar

surrounding me

Its scattered chaotic quality

makes me feel unease

Most days this noise

is my soundtrack

and silence is too much

Today I fear its suffocating

my lungs and entrapping my ears

With such great anxiety

surely silence is the cure

but not today

Today my soul screams

and swallows the silence whole

It refuses me a gasp of air

or a moment of quiet

to fill up my lungs or open my ears

Today there is no peace

no answer

no breath

I fear today will leave me 

tomorrow contemplatng death

My body numb and mind racing

today is sit

and think about the life I'm living

the obstaces in view

It's not a pretty sight

so down I go

Into the dark endless depth

where someone else runs the show

Today I walk with them

no feelings of my own

In their iron grasp and endless chatter

I feel their other-worldly feeling


How can this be when noise surrounds me?

Hush overcomes me

I cannot even whisper

So today

I let my soul speak for us


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