Symptoms of Loneliness

Loneliness is illness

A silent danger


If left untreated,

May prove to be fatal


Symptoms include

Wishful thinking, an ache


Somewhere in the thoracic cavity

The pulsating need


To be with someone, to talk

Of everything and anything


The dryness of the tongue

It withers from silence


Your mind is never quiet

Your mind is never quiet


Voice in your head one evil, one

Less so battle it out from


Dawn until dusk, dawn until dusk

Dawn until dusk, dawn until dusk


A gust of wind blew your resolve away

You hide in the dark corners


Waiting the day to relay

All the words stored up in your veins


Fatal are the words left unspoken

Fatal indeed is a heart left broken

By the harshness the ever present sharpness

Of this bleak and cold existence


Left with days to live the sick

Bleed out the words poisoned

Cleansing themselves

Of themselves

And they fade in the morning’s light

Freely floating, feather like winds

Carry them home


Need to talk?

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