If I Could Be Me

Wed, 12/07/2016 - 11:23 -- BN15

If I could go back and do it all again who would I be?

Would I still be me?


Would I have stood up for that kid,

or would I have just hid?


He needed me

even though no one else would have agreed.


Maybe he’d still be putting up a fight against sin

instead of just giving in.


Would I have stopped their jokes, or would I have worried about what they thought?

It was a fight worth being fought.


I looked up to them, 

so I was afraid of the outcome.


Would I have stepped up 

and spoke up


when those words slipped off his tongue

or would I have just thought “he won’t listen because I’m young?”


I let fear hold me back

because I was scared of the attack. 


He would have won the fight,

but I should have done what was right.


Would I have compromised to belong,

or would I have stepped up and told the church kids they were wrong?


I should have made God known 

even if it meant being alone. 


I could have loved more,

but I let my flesh when the war.


Would I tell someone,

so maybe he wouldn’t pick up that gun?


There was no doubt in my mind,

but it was like we all played blind. 


All the signs were there,

so everyone had to be aware. 


No one else said anything…

Would I have told them about God’s grace,

so maybe I’d see them again face to face?


Sometimes I see them in my dreams,

and it’s like I can hear their screams…


Today I say goodbye to me.

Because this is not who I want to be. 





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