It’s Not Rape If You Like It

“It’s not rape if you like it”

a sentence created from arrogance

”it’s not rape if you like it”

a sentence formed by the uneducated 

“it’s not rape if you like it”

do you mean arousal non-concordance

”it’s not rape if you like it” 

two words that should never be used in the same sentence

rape and like

like and rape

as if anyone could ever like something they don’t want

”it’s not rape if”

if, a two letter word that should never be used after rape

”it’s not rape if” 

the only following of that phrase should be 

there was no penetration

”it’s not rape”

a sentence survivors of rape hate to hear

”it’s not rape”

a sentence that lays guilt on the ones who were only molested

as if being raped would somehow redeem the feeling they feel

but redeem is an awful word to use 

because nobody wants to feel that way

”it’s not rape” 

how thankful a sexual assault survivor is, that it wasn’t 

“it’s not rape”

how much a rape survivor wishes that were true

”it’s not right”

it is not right to treat rape as such a joke

the PTSD holds on tightly

don’t say “let it go”

don’t say “it’s just a joke”

because what does it even mean

”it’s not rape if you like it”

it’s rape if you forced it

it’s raped if they said no

it’s rape even if they’re wet

it’s rape

rape is rape not your joke

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