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They've given up on me And I on them Ordering my days by How to best pretend We stand a chance Selfishly numbing what I can't takeOf their circumstance  
Where blue apples are growing,Brown apparel is shrouded.And there's shrubbery for a mile swelling,With sinister graves divided.
When I was eight I thought I'd be a princess and happy by now. Shouldn't I have subjects here to curtsey, kneel, and bow? I still don't have my mermaid tail or shiny fairy wings.
Ezekiel’s wheel turned ‘round and ‘round Fiery ball above the groundOut stepped a man to his surpriseSkin of bronze with fiery eyesHe uttered not a sound nor even a wordEzekiel understood and also heardInto the wheel spin and flyPenetrating the de
Ghosts, spirits, and souls are online  Do we all have limbs to make the net happen?  Heaven and hell, at their heels and flight, saving the line 
Once the Poet is done psychically with his or her craft With the vernacular of his or her masterpieces It’s the role of the readers to add mentally missing pieces
Her sweet perfume dancing through the air Face frozen and eyes dazed by the movement of her hair, Back and forth in a smooth swift motion. Each step was with such grace it caused a commotion
Self-imprisonment Is the worst form Of punishment Still, it is not out of the norm
There was this one knock at the door and I knew who it was, I knew it was him on the door, Happiness, excitment, nervousness everything rushed inside me, I wanted to run towards him but I stopped myself,
A daughter and heiress, Gracefully radiant in her chamber.Recklessly entertaining a new suitor,Loveless joy with heavy breath,The moonlit night air cooling against sweat covered skin.
Farbe ist unwesentblich Für Mich Es ist die natürliche Schönheit Was ist absolut Schillernd und wichtig Für Mich
   An hourglass can’t count the time that I feel on the inside.       Chagrin d’Amour.
how do you stop a feeling  how do you stop the dream … by ruining all your fantasies  making them be a reality then you get a new dream
Climbing high falling down next to a window old, gray, dusty and cracked Peering through Darkness Moving on through the clouds Never ending journey Passing wonderous and exciting sights
When you look into her eyes Trying to find whatever lies Behind those dark stares, Under that cold skin of hers, Beneath the crown she had worn, All you can do is fantasize: What would it be like,
HAPPY ENDING I have so many stories to tell Are you about ready to Trade those places with me A long visit to where my My stories greatly entails When you open every chapter To what my story unfurl
Lying on the floor My hands wrapped around my throat Face rapidly red Tears flowing a watery blue Heart is nonstop pacing Sickened of you I don't know what it is I'm trying to do 
If objects had a voice, what would they say? "I'll be your friend, don't send me away; I'll keep your secret, No need to regret; I'll listen to you patiently, Will hide your tears in me, constantly;
Nightfall, and with it an ominous chill, then fear, overpowering... You hear the hoot of an owl, smell woodsmoke, see a cabin- there, in the clearing- and you think, humans?
Auburn tressed, ( though I'm no Shannon or Colleen) circumstances have made my home the desert... arid, though never barren I have learned of its bounty... Still,
There’s a bar in the mojave desert. Most don't know how to get there, Only hearing the mutters of instructions from drunken strangers, But they all have same eyes,
Dragons and caverns and castles that loom, Fairies and goblins and forests of doom, Warriors with spears and and joy in their hearts, Wizards with wands and tales of far parts,
At times, it can be preferable, profitable ( if only for a pschological flowering) to leave behind the rational and abandon the secure, the known. Stepping into
And what is this- the stuff of dreams? Is it a gateway to the subconscious as we've been told or merely a jumbling of thoughts and images- some indecipherable, nocturnal unraveling
If I could- I would change the world and make it kinder, more just - a world of peace... but I am not God, possess no miracles- still, I'd aim high... If only I could,
Once a star exploded, kicked a planet into space, eons untold it wandered with no sun to warm its face. In a winding mountain valley, in a bed of frozen stone, lay a Weary River,
Had I the voice- ( the opportunity of course) and belonged to another era... to have become a torch singer, melancholy, pathos my song- a diva of pain draped in pearls, satin
All of creation holds an abundance of gorgeous gifts- an overflow of magical exuberance- none are foremost though some are special. And so it is with these givers of solace and
Coleceanth  Have you seen the rain at night Lumined down by city light? It pounds upon the asphalt here Makes fountains clear as crystal tear.
Here lies a prince from Spain  Who always were an armor of pure black.  With mind and heart fully intact,  He took the chance to first attack.   
Grinding my hips to the bass Belly dance life Deldictate Rose's gentle unravel within my fingers Drying out Time in work pays off Dragon breath exhale the bliss high of
See my memories of my grandma’s kitchen is not like that of yours It didn’t smell like lavender or fresh lemon detergent
It's been too long since I wrote an actual poem. Phrases, lyrics, verses, whatever they're called, they just don't come to me like they use to anymore. Burdens, mistakes, curses, whatever my excuse is,
I went to play on my swingset Only to realize I was too big The memories my siblings and I had made Slowly rusted away   I touched each chain on the tire I whispered the secrets we shared
happiness joy forever
There was a butterfly blue as it can be. The butterfly flew past me but I did not see the wing. It landed on the shell looking colorful to me.
Let us dance in revelry, Chalices to our lips. Immemorial, the fountain, From which springs forth the nectar of ages.   The clock frozen,
I walk on the dark moors and dance with the wolves. I don't want to go home, where reality rules. my fingers are crossed. a sword in my hand. my soul will fight, to stay in this land.
it started so sweet, i actually thought you cared about me. but now i see these were things you wanted me to believe we were living in a fantasy, a world of make believe full of smiles and laughter,
The daytime dreamer is always so beautifully alive in her mind. But, she looks so cold - on the outside; like an aged book with a cracked spine.
The white pawn Forever loyal on bended knee Sacrificed right to be free But he fights doubts dusk till dawn  
She sat at the easel  Wiping her tears She picked up her brush
Ink on a page Filled with color Lines of stories never told Sequences of secrets Never unfold People never breathed into creation
The dreamer of dreams A sad tale indeed Got lost inside Her own fantasy There was no escape For she'd lost her way With no one to guide her She was there to stay There is to be
We met in the stars. The moon, acted as our spotlight as it shown our silhouettes waltzing alone For on that glorious night, there were no sin to atone.
We create the worlds we want to live in because Reality isn't good enough for us, but what we never realize is:
When I was 4 years old, I had a dream that I was caught up in a net hanging from the mast of the Jolly Roger.
              A wealthy kingdom fights no war.             The princess is inside her room;             The king is dead there on the floor.             No one could have foretold the doom
Last night,   I lost my left sock and chased it through the dryer to a land with luxury tax
this mind soars amongst many dreams   and they come in such excess in such a multitude
Life is a dreamI never thought I'd see. One where the flowers bloomAnd sing to me with
Don't wake me I still want to be with my shady tree I still want to drown in my fantasy Feeling weightless, feeling free It's a place I could be me   Don't wake me
Pour your heart out, bloody my hands caught red-handed in this wonderland selling fleeting feelings feigning meaning seeking depth in tides receding   retrieving flotsom junk upon the shore
  As you sit there with the company of one The creature of the Hudson River is waiting for you The sky is clear, the clouds confess they are gone
Atlas fades on stormy days A tortured burden he must bear But now the birds of song are gone Descending the depths of despair  
Once Upon A Time... Forget us now each time we sleep, An endless curse amongst us creeps, You alone should break the spell return us to from which we fell  
With a body bornFrom trees, her gargantuanFigure, barragesThrough Forests, as she pursuesThis man, that tried to slay her
Her white Silhouette,Weaves through weeping, tangled trees,Of this once thrivingMarshland, as her screeching wails,Bear this man's, looming death 
Wanna know how many dudes I’ve banged? well sit down take a biopsy of the inner walls of my blood pumper my blood thumper wait what do you see? oh I know little tiny letters that read “we’re sorry for the…”
Honeysuckle blossoms whisper sweet lies while firefly pixies tipsy on nectar eavesdrop. Trnslucent orbs of dew cling to the petals of roses and blades of lush grass hoping to steal the reflection
There you are where I could always admire from afar See your light, Its radiant colors Melting into the ocean waters   Here I am
The Dragons, they soaredAbove Mountains, through cloudsEach guarded a hoardClaws sharp, and teeth baredThey’d fight to the deathProtecting what they treasured most
While You humping and bumping the pussy  In the bed, trying to keep the same sensation of getting some head 
The sunsets as the night gives birth to the cursed red moon and the ground quakes as the forbidden kingdom awakes. The river begins to flow with its red glow as we hail the forgotten king.
I look into his eyes and See a fantasy world. Filled with unique colors... Colors not yet identified.   Shy sparks of blue Hide beneath his smile. They light up the sky
you said you understood me; you said once, that you cared. you said the sky was my destiny.  and the stars, a crown in my hair. you told me once, you loved me. to the world it was declared.
Once upon a time, queerness was considered a crime Rainbows and queer knowledge was forbidden However, no one saw what was coming at the time A queer teen did not expect what was about to be given  
Once upon a time Not long ago As Snow White listened to the chime She thought all I want to be is a hoe   Her wicked step mother kept her in chains
It was quite late at night. A fire lit up the house. My sister, called Snow White, Embroidered Mama’s blouse.   The stitches were of blooms: Some white, the others red. I sat, using the loom,
She is twelve when they lock her away, Too old to truly be a child And too young to have her own say.   She needs protection, they’ve sworn For assassins stalk her in the night And thieves in the morn.
Three Billy Goats wish to cross a bridge, Where the water laps violently Under a ridge.   The bridge is quite dangerous, It is guarded by a troll.
Ravenous, uncouth fillled with rage On a low-lit night sprawled and lost Stands a king to be, panicked, distraught Soaring with disgust at fates new page   The new king he must be, a king this dawn
Little Red and the Wolf Once upon a time somewhere far, far in the woods there lived a little Girl in Red who was raised to be "good".   How good? Very good.
It was like he was age ten again, Tired from an outdoor adventure, having fallen asleep, And, after a brief jostle in which Father Picked him up to put to bed, He was drowning In warmth and happiness.
Once upon a - Ugh! You know how that goes: "A princess finds her true love," In one day...gross. No one ever stops to ponder The "antagonist" if you will. Our stories are stronger
Soft lips, Soft hair. Gentle eyes, Gentle stare. The tug of his smiles, which I saw only few; The drips down my face now common as morning dew. I long for one's fingertips to brush my own,
There are bulldozers on the moon run by burly men. They dig through the translucent flesh pulling up marshmallows and leaving pools of caked blood. From down here they form a rabbit
Once upon a time, there lived a fairy godmother. She spent her whole life granting wishes to unfortunate girls. She would hear their pleas alwyas at night, keeping her up, fufilling their wishes one by one.
  There was once a time in a far off place A town sat about a strange, but not unfamiliar, monolith Stood there a palace built on hate and waste  
You've heard a few stories, or must've heard one Of princess,  of prince, Of aloft humpty dum? Or jack who took Jilly too far down the hill, And lo They remain
There once was a lonely Giant Who hated all others, he said He would let no one live with him He sought no-one’s company   Who hated all others, he said
Once there was a little girl Whose cloak flowed down in red Carrying for her grandmother Soups and fresh baked bread ‘Fore she left her mother's house
Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside.
The shoe didn’t fit.   The disappointed woman trudged away, sulking, and disappearing into the circle of curious townsfolk
Cinderella, met a lame fella, who couldn’t remember her face.   He relied on a shoe, to find you know who… What a disgrace!   Poor Cinderella didn’t know,
Born with blood royal And blessed with fairy wishes, A young girl was to grow into a lovely woman But was tainted with one’s cursed kisses.   No matter the spoils or words of roses
  once upon a time with a happy endingbut Disney is misleading with this nonsenseall these little lost princesses waiting for a prince  So here's a new one for youa strong female heroine busting out on the scene no need for some dopey princebecaus
  once upon a time with a happy endingbut Disney is misleading with this nonsenseall these little lost princesses waiting for a prince So here's a new one for youa strong female heroine busting out on the scene no need for some dopey princebecause
Cinderella danced away, but no one would come her way. Her sisters watched and laughed in pain, while sipping fancy champagne. No beautiful flowy gown or exquisite glass slipper,
Once upon a time, or once upon a rhyme, there was a girl in a shining tower. Locked up all alone, a truly terrible home, controlled by a witch's power. When out of the blue there came a prince,
Your voice is one of the most powerful instruments you are born with, It has both ended wars and started them all with a flick of a tongue. It conveys our emotions and sings our songs.
fly into your honey, free does your soul rest with the trees  can you hear the fairy angels calling, whispering to me I am 1nce up on my time I come to earth I offer rhymes
“You see I haven’t a clue. For a rabbit, that’s nothing new. It’s plainly clear In here, my dear, We’re crazy, but how do you do?  
"Once upon a time" goes the story But I can't help but find it boring Because it's filled with heteronormies And no representation for me.   I want to read one where the princess
They called me a monster, They called me a witch.  They called me a hypocrite,  A bully, a snitch.    They called her beautiful,  A sight to be seen.  More beautiful than any,
drenched in her own sinful passionsthe moonlight caresses her silky curvesas she dances with reckless abandonher bare feet carrying ancient tattoossymbols of long forgotten midnight rituals
She always looked to the surface to see boats pass by. She claimed her love for humans is mere curiosity, Her father knew that this was an obsession. He warned her to never go to the surface,
Her hair lights At a song for healing For use after fights Soon she is reeling "Don't touch" she begs But they were so in love She pushes and pulls She hits and sends them above
Clock strikes twelve Gorgeous prince dwells Fair maiden is locked in cell Lovers meet and step-mom lets out a yell  Someone rings the bells
To travel, and see the world sounds like a dream a life of excitment and twists and turns floating from place to place with no permanent home. My fairy tale, is to be a dollar. 
Cold and wet. Grey pallid stone that is hard and exact. A glimmer, sheen, reflecting refraction of light shines off of a blade. He is a king. No, a boy. Not yet a king. Not a man.
They say a monster lives there, a ferocious beast, Of course no one has seen him, not in the least. But I want to know the truth, I want to see, So into the darkness, into the castle, I must flee.  
Once upon a time, All the stories and nursery rhymes floated through the air, filling the room with magic and hope. Back when we were innocent, and didn't know  that that isn't how the world works.
I’m imagining a sky, A sky full of lust and desire, Clouded by the very lies that resurface, Each night in your eyes as you rise, under the starry night sky.   From your bed and into the stars,
He wasn't a prince nor that of any talent, And his hands were calloused with age and smoke. Not a scholar, but he is now gallant. His love for her awoke when under night's cloak.
Little bird in the cage, why are you sad? Your cage is safe, your cage is sturdy. There isn't anything to worry.   Little bird in the cage, what are you doing? There's no need to fuss, stay inside
Let’s get one thing straight, I am not Alice. My Wonderland and her’s are different things; Her’s had talking animals and malice, Mine has a dissimilar kind of beings.  
I wonder if somewhere There's a respository of dreams Maybe I could go there And find some of them again     Spiraling twists of hope The nonexistent roof of imagination
So quick and deft A sword so smooth And arms so strong Holding it high Swinging it low A glimmer of color In her eyes
Well this is odd This funny little fog   It came outta nowhere I don’t think it’s a nightmare   But I’m slower than I wanna be
What makes me feel good? Is it the feel of someone close to me? Or is it the perfect weather or autumn? What makes me feel good?  
Welcome to my wonderland, My world of make- believe, Where everything is perfect, And nothing ever hurts me.   Welcome to the dream world, Where nothing is ever real, As we fly around Neverland,
So long ago In the snow The row of faces The cheerful row The stamping horses My calvary Brought the forces To foe's fallacy   With judgement's reign Our arrows aflame
In the dreary nights Dark forests home Cold woods in the night No rest, alone The regret, it bites Heavy like stone   To the dreary plight I now succumb So dank to drink
Everyone and everything here is old; archaic.The new things and people are but copies of generations before.Arranged a little differently, perhaps.They are restored classics; cliché- yet contemporary; chic.
The Greatest Joy in The World Sweet & Serene not wild Makes one’s heart Melt Never Sour Never Mild True Love through fire Purified
Walking down Eastlands in Nairobi with my head bowed and my hands pocketed at 3am has always been such a beautiful thing to me.
Through his eyes, I see the lightening hot streaks of the soulless metallic demons weapons as they rain down death from the dark crimson skies.
Please go away You've had your chance I don't want you to stay I'm in a hazy trance I know how I am To be honest I can be kind I can be sweet I can be the greatest friend
From between the tangled legs of the trees A thousand leagues buried in the oyster of the Earth Lay it's pearl, entombed in the roots of the ancient wood And one day it was alive.  
Music is powerful.   With it, nothing cannot be achieved.  Even when trapped on a  deserted island, an iPod full of music can become a vehicle for the mind's eye.
As the boats in the harbor relinquish their sails And the ebb and flow caresses the shales The waxy moon ascends the skies So mermen and women can close their eyes  
My collection of princesses who trained with dragons Of scripts containing midnight thieves like me My collection grows with each passing day, it grows and contorts
Empires rise and fall Yet I Dream Inventions are built from the dreams I send I still wander in my world I painted What do I dream I do not know
A world of intrigue, the gateway to unimaginable things, blue speckled plums and fairies with dusted wings foxes with three eyes furry creatures found in the dark reaches of caves.  
          mirror mirror, what do you see?           some hidden power buried deep?            or are the scars all that you see?          like the others who don't see me.             I am not Scars but I'm not free
i wake up to pale sunlightfiltering through my pink curtainsstaining my eyelids a sleepy rosemy fingers wander to my bed framesmooth and white, embellished with seashells
She stands, with all her beauty and graceRemnants of an ageless face,A surviving trace of a forgotten fight,Hidden from it in a sheltered life.
5 fantasies fuel my fascination 4 familiar fears fixated on my faults 3 thoughts that thirst for thrills 2 talents taking time to transform into   1 soul that is mine to claim
In my dreams I stand before a wall of perfectly aged stone That crumbles at the mere touch. Inside lies a more perfect beauty- The city within.   I stumble up the grand, weathered steps
A meadow so quiet you can hear each snowflake land, as it hits the crisp glistening snow top. A sky so clear even the stars reflect off the blurry ground
It was a warm, summer night in the small town of Framlingham, Suffolk. All was quiet, with empty streets and a gentle breeze, except for a small house on the edge of the town, with a small light from the second floor window.
Imagine this huge castle- and in this castle, you’re the king. Or a queen or whatever. But there’s nobody to serve you- and yet you’re happy to be alone and rule a world entirely your own.
"Where are you going? Where have you been? Nighttime's dark but mornings grim Hurry where you're headed, forget all that you've seen The past is inescapeable, the future's just a dream"
Curious NaturesIn a more weak world the most aggressive advantagesdon't always deal in what is referred to as "fair consequence."
It was nearly nightfall; sky darkened by the clouds that promised rain But I had been chosen to go through Canyon of Monsters to prove my bravery
I sat quietly outside idling by, when the image of a woman caught my eye. My eyes fixated on her dark orange dress with a skirt that went just past her knees; not such beauty has any man ever seen.
Every now and again I pretend That I am a princess on the run
Why couldn’t I just be born a wizard,
A killer of beasts Thats what I am. A soldier of God. He has chosen me to destroy the Evil.   All of the weak; a suffering man. the devil persists, but I am to protect 
Fluorescent trees, strain my eyes  In the brilliance of the dazzle  of your incandescent light You hum a tune, on brisk radiant night A night with starry wonders
Once in a blue moon,On a windless night,
When Mother sent me out to playJust in the garden there,I saw a flower in the bedA crimson rose of deepest redI drew my sword, beware.Imagine now Red Dragon’s glareHis eyes sun fire hot,
I put you in a curse
The ants go marching one by one, Green crickets chirping crudely. The picnic basket weaved of brown, The footprint of the giant, The soft tear marks of his weeping.  
I wish to take her atop a lighthouse,
Let's pretend
If I could stay up for 30 hours straight, I'd like to float in outer space, Around the revolving Earth below, I'd watch the sunlight scatter into darkness, Along the racing photon beams,
When she asked me what love meant I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and cried suddenly. The memories were stinging and burning and itching and searing and lightly seasoned with salt and vinegar. 
An escape from reality A world that I can explore at any time or place
Night crawlers on the roof Walking around going, who who White faces smiling at you Tapping the window, who who Something is scratching the door Let me in, who who
My mother is weak And I cannot stand it She is feeble, stupid, and plain Who are you? And where is the woman that I once knew? You’re a weakling, darling A scaredy little ghost
Art, music, a bizarre half-baked guess The most random thoughts I think – The strangest “what ifs” jumbled in a mess.   They tend to come in a blink. If the thought inspires me,
I had a dream- Of a bright world, And a bright smile, And dreamy eyes. But that would not be the case today. Because I ventured away then, Darker into this place. Where things deemed scary,
A pearl, Dipped in love and frosted with perfection,
In my fantasy I can do anythingI dream, I fly, and soar through the skyThat twinkles with the mesmerising stars of the universe
If you should walk at night when The Moon wears her charcoal mask Hide under lamplight or you shall be Snatched away by the Crimson Flabbergast   A wraith forged of screaming shadows
I wait for him in the dark.  
A narrow mind needs not to dream And I want a dreamer to dream with me. So, before we part, it's this you must know: You were a fanciful one, as far as dreams go.
I'm stuck in my own little fantasy
The princess dances, draped in all the world's white: white shoes, white fan, white skirt and train,
in his dreams she’s exposed
alluring temptress  play your witching song
  With wings on her feet and sun filled clouds in her mind The little girl smiled so the flowers bloomed And the pixies came out to play Nightingales sang and crickets played Shy gnomes giggled
  I pieced together the clouds in the sky  and they were so perfect  God asked me to paint the night  So many stars, I broke the sky  I broke the sky 
Deep misunderstanding Radiating from within a dark and shadowed past. Amazing abilities and all around amazing attributes. Gone for the light of day On and on the horrific ledgends go.
Fantasy Surreal, Whimsical Frollicing, Flying, Dreaming Fun all day and all play, No fun and all work
I staned there looking up at t
This darkness my mother My coffin her womb This lifetime a funeral Eternity my tomb   Like the full moon amidst the night I am darkness hiding in plain sight
Your scent reminds me of blossoms Your smile is the light of my mood Possibly seeing myself in your eyes That swift touch like heavens bliss   Treasuring those senses For those smell, sight, and touch
Breathe in Smoke Incense
What have I done oh what have I done. Murmors of fear, Stabs of cold, Neverending hate. Oh what have I done? She was nothing to me. I acted out of anger, I acted for pation.
A melodic longing for what cannot be
My unique
Wander, Like the care-free birds in the sky. Waddle, Like the plethora of penguins in the ice. Swim, Like the dolphins whose life depends on water. Survive,
Read, Read Books build the mind English teachers and adults pound that from day one then they say -wait, woah not those books you want to read these not those
We wondered through the silent pines Stepping over shrouded roots That intertwine under the earth We could too if we choose   Do you know how you move me? Do I trust those two hands?
A soul of paper:
Quel night, those timber windy woods and plains of shushing grasses The sky is very still while the earth slowly passes. Nothing stirs, no bird nor bear, across the country’s dim
Cinderelly, Cinderelly, what a beautiful girl
The monster inside me is winning. I tried to hold it off for so long. My strength is winding down. This battle is won. I am messing with love. You love her, and I cannot control that.
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
The Sirens Curse  
Black as night Cold as ice Is the recipe for disaster, word of the wise It holds no memory and love is blind Heart of stone, leaves no thought It is alone When all hope is lost 
The key falls into my hand. The door opens. Piercing noises around me Subside. I have to hide, before they take me back.  I run Into a never ending hall of doors Leading to infinite worlds.
Eyes. There were six of them, green, blue, brown, and lavender. Now, why were they hovering? The lights were too bright to cast shadows, so why was there a lack of bodies to these eyes?
There stood a little girl, Upon her royal parent's balcony, Watching not her parents but an earl. The earl was young and handsome unlike the others.
Dragons, You know; Fire out the mouth Screaming for their house Scales covering scales; Fire breathing dragons. You can mess with one; But good luck.
A world of wonders,
When you laugh from afar,         I have no choice but to wonder who made you do so.             I grow envious of that person,                         Whoever it may be,                          
An elf needs a place to strive.The enormous trees that cover the land hold so much importance for the elf, A helping hand.
I look out at the still black water 
i am but a dream to you And in this I am shattered Something you can manipulate Into pieces until i am tattered. We have forces, you and i separating dark from light though i stand with open arms
All asleep in their own beds, Humans really do not know What wonder lurks inside their house. Shadows! Dancing, to and fro.   When humans turn down their lights,  Shadows seem to disappear.
My imagination is sparked with the words of a band. I'm lacking in musical talent, but I wish to wield words! Writing fiction, now there's an idea! Am I good enough? Can I break this overwhelming monotony called life?
  I've lived a life that's safe. Free of rejection, and what come's with it...
The sun is a blood red puppet, 
'Dye your hair, change your name, Get a job and play their game. Learn to drive, get a degree. If you're kicked from the cage, are you truly free? Don't talk too much, don't be so shy,
She was built of fantasy, Of words and lyrics and prose. She spent life dreaming  And never arose.   Her family told her She was taking too big a chance. If she jumped, she would fall,
I push back the clothes in my closet, trying to find a wall – hoping that I don’t. I hope another world exists back there Maybe better than our own Narnia or Never-Never land or any other land I wish
Goodmorning darlin' Sing me the story of our lives. Look at me again the way that you did When our eyes were new. Let yourself go with me again With that dazed wonder of new love.
windchimes illuminate the dim landscape before me as the door swings wide, welcoming me back.   that familiar smell: must from years of intellectual neglect, moth eaten pages and worn out couch cushions.
Fun sport Outdoors Or indoors Tackling players Ball fumbled Always fun
Somber eyes full of tearslittle red was lostfar worse than she feared
When I was at the age  of younger than I am now I would take hold of my bedroom door knob then hope, wish, and pray That when I swung it open I would be in another world I did dream
Don't leave. Just don't. Stay close to me. Be patient and gentle, then you'll see. Get to know me. I have layers upon layers of thought spent on who I am. There's contradictions.
Rivulets running down the side of your lips. White eyelets yellowed/fraying at the tips. Loud starlets clawing at the rim--one more sip. Dimly lit can you hear thunder shoving ribs?  
Hark! Do you perceive  filled to the brim with joy attentive to the music of the fey? The way the trees whisper amongst each other, the way the wind whistles in harmony, the crickets titter in tune,
Welcome to this place of mine My Nightmare My Wonderland Here is where I spend my days Without a Care Without a Friend Everything is an illusion Sound and Sight Frame of Mind
In the wide world of Cibtravay Next to the sea of Wehclarah lay The nation of Pixies in the Valley of Winds Nestled in the sheer cliffs of the mountains
My heart belongs to the boy in the sky In his magical castle way up high   He took my arm one dreary day And lead me to a world not so far away   A place where I was free of cares
Sitting under a starry sky with a fallen tree giving comfort, I watch the jet black sky as the stars come in one by one. A peaceful breeze aids the falling stars that cross the sky.
If I knew magic, cooking would be quite fine I snap my fingers once, and the ingredients are combined If I knew magic, traffic would be a breeze All the cars would disappear, only green lights I would need
Light and Dark walked together one cold winter's night under the shining face of the moon, full and bright. On this night they could walk arm in arm As old comrades might, forgetting their differences.  
Somewhere in the land of Gray There was a girl, whose name was Kay Kay was smart, Kay was beautiful Most of all, Kay was truthful A dreamer in the best of ways In her head spent most her days
Rise oh bird of fire, Rise from your nest, For there is a cry for help abroad. Fly with your wings of flames Through the blackening sky Burn the clouds, With the tips of your fiery feathers.  
At seventeen,I am reading the same stories I did at ten:Tamora Pierce, Phillip Pullman, Rick Riordan, Kristen Cashore-and the list goes on.Rented from school libraries and Sulzer regional
I don’t really know him He really don’t know me, Took time to get to know each other slowly but gradually. (Fantasy, can you picture us with a family)?
Head in the clouds Body on the ground, Imagination is endless The world is my playground.   The place in which I live Where fairy tales are true, Is a secret I can't give
His eyes rose to her at once: a girl his age, towering over him, ox-wide and fair-haired, a model for that opera about rings.   Northern lights trickled from wounds beside her temples.
Worlds grow, Budding behind unfiltered eyes,                 Breaking from tradition. Christened creativity, In actuality,                 Unrealized forms of magic. The potential,
As I sit on the cool beach sand, my toes greet the brisk lake water. I close my eyes while I breathe in the crisp, clean, morning air, as I search for the light through the thick early fog. I can hear the loving call of a loon to its mate.
Snippity snap went the great Skizorswaks As the giant's hair came scallowing down. She looked in the reflection of her shithering glass And quathingly formed a slight frown.
Yes the night can be eerie. The night can be dark. Yes the the night can be cold.   The night can be filled  with creatures good and evil. The night can be filled with ones like you and me.
Writing means the world to me It’s what I feel in a new scene. A poem filled with all my mind Imagination’s not confined.   I paint a picture with my story Of dragons bright in all their glory
I am writing to you as a friend, Thanks for the adventure. Despite my whining Groaning, And such. I could have done without the dwarfs, It was your wish. What could I do?
Eyes so big and beautiful. A heart so strong, yet so fragile. Your mind so brilliant, your love so enduring. Your lips, your spirit beyond alluring. Such a sweet disposition, living in a world full of confusion.
Magic was once real More than books or fairytales It had life and meaning It was its own master Wizards were simply Borrowers We are lent this unexplainable power to use As we please
Gone with the wind, my soul Humanity has all but left With the first taste of blood that hit my lips Anger and self-loathing hit me fully. Her welcoming smile, her warm gaze
Tick-tock now, hurry up and go! The gears of this clocksmith don’t grind themselves you know. Is your beat good? How are your hands? Are in proper shape? I don’t like relying on the hourglass sand.
The Lights My dream is to be in the middle of the huddle under the lights. To be able to work towards a goal With people I have no relation to But feel like my extended Family
There is winter in a faraway land In a castle sitting on the plains Snow whips through the air Locking the earth in chains
The things we could do Just me and just you World spinning with sin Morals wearing thin But it's in my head Aloud never said Just a fantasy Of you and of me All kept a secret
there aimlessly floating above cranium slowly envel( o p i n g mind to airy delirium grasped and clenched then stole presence. so no longer occupy space around: the reality you deny
Beauty & the Beast It all happened pretty much the way you heard it. Faster than I can even remember There was a kiss in the rain then music and a change. Then he was a king
She is light. Filled with wonder and beauty - She's the goddess of light. The drum of your laugh; The tinkle of her sigh; A Caress from you instills in her Flight.
My opponent's record, 2-5 This week should be easy to survive Extending my streak to four wins straight That is certain, no debate. Suddenly despair chokes the air Rodgers with thirty points is just unfair.
A fact fades from truth to legend, to simple fantasy. Sustaining mortal life without life of her own- the Goddess drifts Four essences lye in her wake, She searches endlessly.
I wonder what it feels like to drown in the sky Dancing above the rooftops Watching time fly by Inhaling all the clouds If I had a breath to breathe it’d rip it from my lungs As I sank closer to the stars
On the silver chandelier, there's a swinging spider monkey Wearing a captain's hat, and waving a broomstick. Jeffrey tells his mother, in the politest of tones, "Mr. Jumps is at it again!"
When I am sleepy I go to bed, Then fairies dance around my head. Rainbow colours in glittery sparks, They tell me not to fear the dark. Then come the green elephants and blue pigs, Orange mice and yellow dogs wear wigs.
Peep, slip under the surface tension. Dip, sail under the current's one-way mirror. I found your skin buried under the old yew. I fell in love with your form, your ocean grace. Mermaid of fur. Dog of my heart's ship; my ship's heart.
Oh Great Unicorn you are so wise! As I am not much to my demise... What to do? What to do? I have thought it through and through, But, oh my sweet! I am torn! Where for art thou, Great Unicorn?
A sweet slice of moon observes Impish figures shift their weight Around a roaring blue-green flame. Smoke licks the navy sky, a close friend And metal flecks spray From a cavern in the middle of the heat.
Close my eyes I dream of love I fantasize of both of us Combining thoughts like stars do dust You... will become a part of me Of all I see and think and need Broken dreams too dark to see...
Close my eyes I dream of love I fantasize of both of us Combining thoughts like stars do dust You... will become a part of me Of all I see and think and need Broken dreams too dark to see...
As fast as an arrow from an elf’s bow, Onto the page, my words will flow. From ideas, whole stories are born, Ready to be read on an early morn’. Writing and reading, I do adore.
Bitten, so smitten- Sired, desired. Crimson life calls to him, Whether beauty or not he is a sin, Of deadly proportions- He’ll twist and distort The truths of reality, Unravel your mentality.
The fairy folk use fairy doors to keep their hidden world from us. So few believe the ancient lore. To sneak across our dusty floor and steal some food without a fuss the fairy folk use fairy doors.
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