What Writing Means to Me

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 10:21 -- bnb1997


Writing means the world to me

It’s what I feel in a new scene.

A poem filled with all my mind

Imagination’s not confined.


I paint a picture with my story

Of dragons bright in all their glory

A romance made in fantasy bliss

And castles placed in dazzling mist.


I paint a new and thrilling scene

A secret in a magazine

A mystery only one can solve

With foot prints down the stairs and hall.


We find a new story that we’re in,

In 1920’s glitz and glam

A new premiere at Carnegie Hall

Then a dance at New York’s ball.


I find a new place in my mind

Where treasures sparkle and pirates find.

Sea monsters lurking in the waves

And glorious gold found in hidden caves.


We find a poem that’s here, today

About a girl who writes away

Of all her fantasies and dreams

That unfold here just perfectly.


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