The Land of Gray


Somewhere in the land of Gray

There was a girl, whose name was Kay

Kay was smart, Kay was beautiful

Most of all, Kay was truthful

A dreamer in the best of ways

In her head spent most her days

Drifting into lands unseen

In her head saw such strange beings

Floating with their wings alight

Calling her into the night 

There was a time when once Kay followed 

In the darkness, wholly swallowed

In the woods she sat a while

On her lips, a tiny smile 

Quite afraid, she could admit

Still, Kay would never quit

On she walked into the dark

'Til at last she saw a spark

A spark so bright coming closer

Seems the spark had things to show her

It led her to a field so vast

A land she felt, was from her past

This spark now stopped, and with a spat

Went shooting off, and that was that

She sat a while, lost in thought

Realized, then, what the spark had brought

A man so tall, with eyes of ice

Spoke like honey, with this advice

“Follow me to the land of Fae

Where sentient beings spend their days

We'll bring you joy, we'll bring you peace

But first your worries, must you cease

There is no pain if go'n this way

I'll bring you back, by break of day

A promise made, and thus will keep

Less I fall to endless sleep”

Kay agreed, and so she kept 

Oh so happy, she almost wept

Soon they arrived, a palace so great

Off her chest fell all weight

Worries gone, torn asunder

She heard loud sounds, just like thunder

He led her first, to halls so vast

Where she could see Fae spinning fast

Dancing there in circles small

She wanted just to join them all

And so she did, and danced so well

Followed the beat of mystical bells

With her guide, she waltzed so fair

She noticed not, those standing there

The whole Fae court had come to see

Watched her steps, more than pleased

But the Queen had come, and quite upset

For the poor girl had outdone her best

The Queen of course, was very proud 

And quickly parted the growing crowd

There she said, in a voice so high

“She is human, and so must die”

For a girl to be in the land of Green

Once had seen, could never leave

So Kay ran fast, outside the gates

Into the forest, to hide and wait

There again she saw the spark

Which of course, gave quite a start

It led her back from whence she came

Where everything looked quite the same

Kay cam close to the land of Gray 

Wanting nothing more, than just to stay

She heard the guards, and so she leapt

Off the ground her feet were swept 

She looked around, much surprised

And saw a pair of ice blue eyes

He took her fast, to the gate

For you see, 'twas getting late

"A promise made, and so I'll keep"

With that, Kay fell fast to sleep

When Kay awoke, she almost screamed

Her heart was broke, it was a dream

But alas, when Kay looked down

Wearing still, her dancing gown

Her heart at peace, Kay wrote down

How she got lost, and what she found

It is said that to this day

If one shall visit the land of Gray

Just past midnight, when it is dark

In the woods, there is a spark...


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