The Untold Story of The Little Mermaid

Mon, 07/31/2017 - 01:03 -- Bionic


She lies there on the beach, looking at the man she loves. He lies next to her, profoundly dozed. He looks so peaceful. She feels so dull. Her true nature haunts her and she cant deny it. She cant avoid it because she needs it as much as she needs him. She’s fought her urges for so long but every day it becomes harder to defeat them. She’s trapped and she cant get out. She goes through every possible scenario that she can think of but in every situation, she ends up losing. Either way, she’ll succumb to her dark temptations. Its her reality. Its who she really is. Her fairytale was too good to be true. To her luck, it lasted longer than what she had expected. And she humbly appreciated every moment with Eric, good and bad. Till death do we part, she thinks to herself. Death brought to him by the love of his life.

He looks so appetizing. She cant deny it. Mermaids do come from a dark and horrifying place. She thought she was strong. But her will to hold back becomes weaker. She needs to have him.

Mermaids aren’t exactly a sailor’s fantasy to have. Anyone with common knowledge knows the true nature of what mermaids are.They should know better than to fall in love with one. And mermaids should know better than to fall with a human. They know very well the ending of these kind of love stories.

Before she realizes it, in pure blindness and instinct, with her eyes closed, warmth covers her face. Her nose is overwhelmed with the familiar scent of copper. She opens her eyes and her vision is stained with a crimson liquid.

He looks so peaceful. She feels so full.



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