Fri, 07/11/2014 - 13:06 -- Dirah


Early morning regrets from the erupting volcano of the night before bear no memories to our wandering bodies. There was enough to destroy Pompeii twice and it was all too quick. Never have I gotten such an intense hello and never have I gotten such a quick goodbye. We could never be meant to be. We weren’t two extremes finding our others to fix the patches we’ve created over the years. No, we were sliding plates creating catastrophe wherever we slid. Our time was short-lived and it won’t be long-loved, but maybe remembered.

We were a mistake in the form of dance on a twilight night. Amateurs at best, we had little practice this always held us back from dancing. But when we held each other’s hands and let the warmth of our glows unite, we were unstoppable. Our moves were swift, concise, but oh so dream-like. A picturesque duet with flawless movements never to be done in the hereafter. We were in the moment; we lifted up every care we held down and let our passions fill our oceans. And as quickly as it came, it left. We got back our cares, our worries. We remembered our jobs, our families, our homes, our lifestyles. Too quick was the dance but every moment was savored, however, it was time to return to the life we paused.

           Maybe we’ll receive glimpses during our days as we pass on by, living life as it was fated. Maybe we’ll relish the thought of each other’s movements. Maybe we’ll suddenly taste each other’s names again. Maybe we’ll remember that final dance. But as the moon dies down and the heat retracts and we’re done sharing love with our fated mates whom we’ve become happy with in every way possible, maybe we’ll remember each other. We’ll forget each other’s names and maybe our faces, but we’ll remember those movements and the way we danced because we were fire on top of water - two extremes doing the impossible that could never duplicated.


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