One Full, Moonlit Night

Light and Dark walked together one cold winter's night

under the shining face of the moon, full and bright.

On this night they could walk arm in arm

As old comrades might, forgetting their differences.


Now, neither overpowered the other.

Now, Light smiled gently down on the Earth Mother

From the big round moon, in harmony

With the Dark of the night sky around it.


The two old companions walked without speaking.

The chill of the air gave strength to the Light, breaking

Through the dark sky from which they hung.

Tonight, Light and Dark were in balance.


Tonight, a magical hush hung over the land

That the few who were touched by it could not understand.


As they walked, the wind whispered with the voice of a third.

Both Dark and Light knew what they'd heard.

A twinkle in Light's eye and a slight grin

At the edges of Dark's mouth, it was not hard to comprehend.


“Is that you, Shadow man?” Light called with

A mischievous spark of a laugh.

“Stop your lurking, slippery fiend,” Dark commanded

With a warning tone under his grin.


“What chance that we three meet as one,” hissed a voice, shrouded and low.

“Not chance,” whispered Light, “But the moon's full, bright glow.”

So the three talked of stars and magic and myths.

All aware they must part, with the dawn's chilly mists.


For the dawn ends night's charms with its glare

And its color, banishing ghosts and fairies by the sun's flare.


“Time ends all things upon this Earth,”

Dark mused as he sensed the stirring of the sun.

“It's as it should be,” Shadow too knew the end of their fun

Drew near. “Everything has its time.”


“But do not forget,” Light chided their gloom.

“Life's a wheel, not a line. The moon,

she will wane, but she'll wax again in time.

And by the light of her face, we'll walk together once again.”


So as the three parted ways, none of them ever forgot,

That though they are three, separate beings, they are not.


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