Dear Gandalf

I am writing to you as a friend,
Thanks for the adventure.
Despite my whining
And such.
I could have done without the dwarfs,
It was your wish.
What could I do?
It was an interesting time.

The places,
The races,
The heart pounding action.
Accelerating fast pace.

The elven singing lightened my soul.
I wish I stayed,
but home is home.

It was frightening,
You leaving time after time.
The dwarfs weren’t bad I guess.
Even I admit,
They had their uses.
Like fire making
Though caves trolls made that hard.

A change happened within myself,
I'd never thought I would see.
Hold Sting for the first time,
To rid those nasty spiders,
I never will forget.
Slowly more of a leader with every step.

I might go as far as to say
I was the leader of the group!
Once I stopped shaking of course.
Why if it wasn’t for me, we may have never found the secret mountains door or escape from the spiders and wood elves.
The scariest journey,
I would say,
Was when I faced that poor creature.
It challenged me to that rhyming game.
Win or die was the gamble.
Must it always speak so strangely?

That beautiful ring,
Saved my life.
One riddle it could not answer.
Win and not get eaten.
The ring is now a souvenir,
I shall keep it here.
Back in quiet Shire town.


A part of me hungers,
Do you perhaps have another group
To even out the odds.
Do they need a guide?
Or a burglar of sorts?
I dare to say,
I am perfect for the job.
Mind you don't mark my door again.

Sign your friend,
Bilbo Baggins


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