Wisdom of Fantasy


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Like the care-free birds in the sky.


Like the plethora of penguins in the ice.


Like the dolphins whose life depends on water.


Like the many animals who have eaten other animals.


Fantasy is something that cannot be taken.

It is neither given nor recieved.

It is imagined,

And to many that seems preposterous.

We dance, sing, play, and even visualize.

But we are ridiculed when given the thought of magic.

He who believes in out-worldy beliefs,

shall live on to make everyday life better and more enjoyable.


Fantasy is what drives purpose into humans.

To dream is to fantasize about life and it's wonders.

To wonder about life is to see not one but both ends.

To see both ends is to choose life of no remorse.

To enter a life of no remorse is to be happy.

To be happy is to wonder about joys of life.

To wonder about joys is to fantasize.

To fantasize is to drive purpose into our hearts.


We game, prance, and laugh.

Loving what we do best.

We imagine great things happening to us.

We imagine the great times from way back then.

We love what we did and love what we do.

We all hold dreams worth doing.

If not, then to not fantasize is to not like living,

Because we are the embodiment of our own image.



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