She Dreamed.


She was built of fantasy,

Of words and lyrics and prose.

She spent life dreaming 

And never arose.


Her family told her

She was taking too big a chance.

If she jumped, she would fall,

The space was too far between to dance.


Her friends couldn’t quite understand

Why she wanted to go so far.

“Home is where we’re meant to be,

You’ll never be a star.”


But she persisted,

And shut off her ears.

When she was alone,

She wouldn’t let them see her tears.


Reality lapped at her in waves,

Attempting to erode

Any chance she had,

It tried to decode.


She needed a dose of truth

And she recognized it too.

But what endeavored to destroy her,

Only made her push through.


She ignored all the whining

And returned to her dreams

Which she made into reality,

Despite all the screams.


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