2. Victor's Crown

So long ago

In the snow

The row of faces

The cheerful row

The stamping horses

My calvary

Brought the forces

To foe's fallacy


With judgement's reign

Our arrows aflame

We gave them hell

The dark cheif fell

Away they fled

From my calvary

Their foolish allies

Repaid with misery


We bound the captives

At our sweet leisure

The clanking chains

The tuneful measure

The clinking coins

For we took the treasure


Upwards and onwards

Through stones of grey

Into the fortress

Just besides the bay

Etched on the walls

Old tales of lore

Thudding behind us

The closing door


Alas we knew

Grim death not new

The enemy's strength

Would soon renew

But then we feasted

For this battle won

Meant hope to end

The dark under the sun


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