Found The Light


The colorful bands of magestical lands.
They're hidden behind the dark hands.
That hold your soul hostage. 
The hands which will guide you.
They'll guide you to darkness and sorrow
They'll guide you to hell.


They grip on your mind like a dark lullaby. 
You don't really mind.  
Cause just like a child you think you need it.
In order to sleep peacefully at night.

But as you lie,

In your bed tonight. 
You start to realize.

Those cold hearted demons 
Who hold you so tight.
Are no match for the magical wings.

That you've stolen last night.

From a dream. From a nightmare.
A fairytale died.

With the worn out fairy who lent you her eyes.

Now you're able to see all the magical lands. 

That  you've missed through the holes of those hands.

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Our world
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